January 31, 2017


When I was pregnant with Roxy, there was little debate on her name. We have always loved the name Roxy--since before we were even married. So there was never any question that our first girl would have that name. And that stayed true.

This time around on the other hand... Well, it's been... interesting.

Yes, we made a list. We narrowed it. Mutually agreed on the ones we felt were acceptable.

But man. It made my indecisive brain hurt.

And seriously. I have felt some intense pressure on getting it absolutely PERFECT. What if she doesn't like it? What if everyone mispronounces it? What if kids make fun of it? I mean, this is her name! Kind of a big--lifelong--deal.

We have also disagreed more this time. Which has honestly been more funny than frustrating. Here's how some of these conversations go:

Keri: "Oh what about this name? It's cute."

Cam: "Awful."


Cam: "I really like the name _______"

Keri: "Yeah, that's not happening..."

And then there was the debate on whether or not our little girl would fit the name. Cam's logic for this? --> "If she's brown we'll name her this, and if she's white we'll name her that."

Sorry, probably offensive and inappropriate! But hey... you never know! What if we named her something very exotic and she turns out to be a recessive babe like Rox? Just sayin...

All joking aside, we want a name that feels right to us and that is carefully picked for our little one. One that we both like and has a good meaning behind it. And hopefully she'll fit it because I'm too stressed to wait to decide after she's born!

So after several conversations, making a decision then changing it, saying it out loud and "feeling it out", we've come to the conclusion of Mila Rose.

After looking at 10,000 baby name lists, Mila is one that has stood out to me. It's short and pretty and has simple spelling. And I love that I don't really know a ton or even anyone with the name--besides the famous Mila Kunis of course. We have also been calling her Mila throughout my pregnancy and it really has felt right!

Plus, as far as I have found, it has a nice meaning behind it--well, meanings. Since it's used mainly as a shortened name, it comes from many different origins. All of which seem to evoke positive feelings:


All beautiful meanings that I already associate with my baby girl. I feel like it couldn't be more perfect!

On top of that, we both have a good feeling about it and Roxy can already say her name! Win.

As for her middle name, it has been just as difficult if not more difficult to decide on! The debate was whether she would be given a family name or just one that we liked. And after trying all sorts of combinations, we have decided on a name we simply thought was darling. Rose.

I have seen the combination before, so that worried me a little. Again, I don't want her to feel like she has a trendy name or that it's a middle name everyone has. But I think roses are beautiful and delicate and the two names together has a pretty ring to it. Plus I could see "Mila Rose" being just a name of adoration for her, even if we didn't pick Rose.

Anyway, that's a long (probably very unnecessary) explanation. But we hope that when you're reading this one day, Mila, that you know how special picking your name has been for us. We love you to the moon and back!

Okay. Now for the nursery.

Simple and floral. Everything that exemplifies the name!

This was an old dresser we got for 20 bucks! Of course we got what we paid for and it was a bit beat up to begin with. But with a little bit of mint chalk paint and some sweet little rose knobs, she didn't turn out half bad!

Well, everything is pretty much ready to go for our little one's arrival. Nursery done. Hospital bags packed. Now I am just dreaming of holding her in my arms and kissing her sweet face (hopefully soon)!

We can't wait to officially meet you Mila Rose!


  1. Everything about this room is perfect! Where did you get her cute cute name plaque? And where did you find the cute rose hardware for the dresser?

    1. Oh thank you Natalee!! We got her name plaque at the Trendy Timber: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheTrendyTimber?ref=pr_faveshops. I also follow them on Instagram, love all their stuff!

      And I think we ordered the hardware somewhere online. I'll have to ask my husband exactly where. They came from China and they literally took months to come in! Haha. But they were so cheap and cute it was worth it!


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