January 24, 2017


At the end of every year, I print out our blog so that we have all of our stories in a nice little book that our family gets to keep forever.

Well today our 2016 blog book arrived. Roxy and I blew through it from cover to cover excitedly and I loved reminiscing on all of our adventures from last year.

Though I'm glad I focused on some of the "bigger" events, I wish that I had written a little more about my every day mom moments.

Those are the moments that really have the most profound impact on my life and I feel like they are worth remembering.

And I'm not necessarily talking about just what my kids are up to (Roxy has her own blog that I print out as well and it's completely focused on her and her development), but the moments that make motherhood oh so amazing and hard all at once. I'm sure some of you get what I am saying!

So this year that is my goal. To write more about my life as a Mommy. Every beautiful, messy part of it!

I will start this off by talking a little about what life has been like right now--raising a toddler with another little one on the way.

And oh boy is my Roxy a toddler. A full blown mess-making, tantrum-throwing, adorably-verbalizing TODDLER.

This makes for many exhausting and I-don't-know-what-the-heck-I'm-doing days. BUT nothing else in my life has been more rewarding. Because man. Do I love that girl.

Her stubbornness can be maddening! And her leg clinging? Immobilizing. But gosh, I LOVE her.

I wish I could really pinpoint exactly what makes it so amazing!

Maybe it's the genuine kisses and hugs.

Or when she says something ridiculously cute and has us rolling with laughter!

Or at the end of one of those #momfail days and she says, "love you, Mommy" in her teeny baby voice.

Whatever it is, she makes every day worth it. And I would not want to be anyone else but her mother. How did I get so incredibly blessed to be hers? I feel like I've asked the same question every day since she was born: is she really mine forever? The connection is undeniable and truly the closest to heaven I've ever felt.
I'm going to miss when she always wanted to be held. 

So now as we are getting very close to welcoming another sweet daughter into our family, I can't help but want to savor these days with her.

--Not that I am sad about having two because I am absolutely thrilled that our family is growing and especially that Roxy is getting a best friend.

But it has been me and my Roxybelle since the beginning. She's my sidekick. We spend all day of every day together.

And as happy and excited as I am to experience my love grow with another little human, I know there will not be a time like this again.

So lately, I'm just taking one day at a time with my little girl who has been my whole world for the last two years.

Our days are spent doing more cuddling and coloring together. I try to plan fun activities with her and save the less important things for later.

I know she won't really remember any of this, so as you are reading this in the future, Roxy, know that this was a special time with just us two (three including Daddy of course!). Know that we love you and that you will always always be my baby!

Alright, I think this was enough cheese for one night. But here's to making the most of these last few weeks before our new adventure as a family of four begins!


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