December 10, 2016


I just hit the third trimester yesterday and I really can't believe how fast it's coming up! I can't believe we'll have TWO little ones in just a couple of months.

We are excited | nervous | anxious | happy | grateful!

Right now I'm really starting to feel slower--especially toward the end of the day--and I'm getting that pregnancy "waddle". But I am still feeling really great overall. I had such an amazing second trimester! I was able to exercise almost every day and feel energized and able to keep up with Roxy. I'm so grateful to have had such a great pregnancy overall and a very active baby.

Here are some updated chalkboard bump pictures (baby girl is popping out!):

Roxy is still pretty oblivious to what's going on. But she is really obsessed with my belly. She loves rubbing it and kissing it while saying, "Aww baby". She tries to jump on it too, so we have to watch her closely. She adores babies and loves to tickle and kiss them, so we're just certain she will be the sweetest big sister.

She has also been very helpful with Mommy and is getting better at following directions and fetching items for me and helping me clean. Not saying she's going to be slave or anything... buuut I may just be asking her to help a lot and right now she is very happy to do it.

We have also pretty much decided on a name and the nursery is almost complete. I've been writing an update about that, so it should be done soon!

Things in general are great and it's been a really busy time trying to get things done for Christmas and enjoy the holiday season. We have been trying to do our best to really focus this season on Christ and help Roxy learn about Him and I'm excited to share some of the things we've been doing.

Anyway, that's it for the most part and right now we are just enjoying time as a family and loving these big kicks from this little girl. We can't wait to officially meet her and to welcome her into our family!

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