December 5, 2016


For Thanksgiving this year, we were able to make a trip out to California where Cameron's brother Justin lives. It was an unforgettable weekend filled with lots of fun activities and memories!

We decided to break the trip up by staying the night in Vegas a day early, so we met Cameron's parents and Marli's family out there and had some fun before heading out to California. We visited Ethel M Chocolates for some yummy chocolate samples and explored the factory and cactus garden. Then later watched a free acrobat show at Circus Circus. The kids had a blast and it was nice to shorten the long drive!
All of us in the cactus garden outside of the chocolate factory.

Getting ready for the show to start in Vegas!

The day before Thanksgiving, Justin baptized his youngest son so we arrived just in time for that as well. We love seeing family and loved watching Drew get baptized. He is a great example and it was a memorable night for all of us.

On Thanksgiving Day, we started the morning off by volunteering at the Honda Center where we served food to those in need. It was a humbling experience and a great way to start Thanksgiving. We have so much to be grateful for! Thanks to Justin for getting us spots so we could serve!

After volunteering we came back to a yummy, beautiful meal made by Jillian, Justin's wife. We ate in their back yard and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Perfect T-shirt weather. The kids loved playing out in the yard too. That evening we spent some time together on the beach. It was cooler by the water (they live about 3 miles away) and as the sun went down, but it was still comfortable. Roxy loved playing in the sand and being chased by the waves. It was such a special Thanksgiving spent with those we love!
All the grandkids and Nana in the backyard.

Me and baby girl (and the baby bump!) at sunset. So beautiful. No filter.

Big smiles!
She loves her Uncle Justin!

On Friday we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm. Roxy and I couldn't ride on many of the rides, but she enjoyed the ones we could! She was such a great sport and was so cute and happy all day even when she got hungry and tired. The other kids had a blast too. We stayed there the entire day until night time. The other kids were able to see Santa there as well and we got to see the whole place lit up and decorated for Christmas time. Such a long, fun day!
She was suspicious of Snoopy...
Kissing under the mistletoe booth!

Hot air balloon ride.

Riding the swing with Nana.

Riding the giraffe on the carousel.
Riding with Nana! Pregnant Mommy in the background in her carriage. 

Kissing cousins!

Riding the train!

Roxy all by her little self on the huff n puff!

She did little of her own pumping. The kids behind her had to help a lot!

All of us as a family by the massive Christmas tree at Knott's. Such a great day!

On Saturday we went to an early morning session at the beautiful Newport Beach temple. I really loved and needed this. I love being able to take a moment away from the world and do some work for those on the other side. Plus, I love visiting new temples! Newport did not disappoint.

Our last night there we spent hanging out at Justin's, eating leftover pie, going out to dinner, and just spending time together. It really was a great trip and we were very sad to leave early the next morning. Now we're all counting down the days till we see each other again--probably when this little girl is born and blessed! Can't wait!
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