November 4, 2016


Though I'm an absolute summer-holic, I LOVE fall time. Pretty much once September hits, I'm ready for pumpkins and cooler weather and scarves. Luckily, Utah has had some great fall weather this year and we've been soaking in the beauty all around us!
Roxy and I have tried to be outside as much as possible. She loves stepping on the leaves and hearing them crunch!

As a family we especially enjoyed October and all of the Halloween fun this year.

We went to Gardner Village for the witch fest. It's such a cute place to explore and of course I missed taking pictures while we were there! Roxy loved (aka was interested and nervous all at once) all the people in witchy costumes, dancing to the music, and seeing the ducks.

Pumpkin picking was also a hit and Roxy got to paint her own little pumpkin this year!

Her look of concentration kills me! Love those focused little lips!

So proud and cheesin' it!

We also loved having my parents over for a weekend while I had my anatomy scan a few weeks ago. We drove out to Alpine Loop to see the beautiful trees. We made apple pies and Dad brought some New Mexico chili! We've been dying for some. Of course I didn't get pics with them--I'm so the worst at that. But Dad got some cute family pics of us! Thanks Deedy!

Also, check out that baby bump! Getting bigger and she's kicking up a storm. I'm 23 weeks today and I'm loving every second with this active little girl. My halfway update can be found HERE if anyone missed that. We're working on her nursery and I'll be doing a post on that soon. So excited for her to be here!

Cameron's parents also came for a visit earlier this fall too. We always love spending time with both of our families.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Halloween!! I spent the week before making Roxy's costume and she ended up being one cute little GRINCH! Haha yes, "Not a princess" (as my mother asked), but yes... the Grinch. We saw the idea and thought it would be perfect for our serious faced girl. And she did not disappoint. She killed us with all the faces she made!

Snuggles with Daddy while we handed out candy.

Grinchy kisses!

Unfortunately, we didn't dress up as a family this year. I got pretty lazy and since we were just passing out candy I didn't see the need! But now I kinda wish we had put a fun theme together for a picture. Next year.

But Roxy was super excited about all the kids in costumes (though of course she was nervous and hid behind us if they got close). A little friend came up and gave her a sucker too and she LOVED that! As much as I don't love the sugar overload part of it, I'm excited for her to be old enough to go trick-or-treating someday.

Anyway, it was a fun night and we had some good laughs!

Hope you're all enjoying a gorgeous fall and all the fun that comes with this season. Next stop, Thanksgiving and third trimester! Yay!

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