October 17, 2016


Friday was my 20 week mark and I can't believe we're already halfway! Time is just soaring by.

I've been feeling really great. Especially this second trimester. I've been able to keep up with exercise and I'm enjoying lots of little kicks from this sweet one (my absolute favorite)! Drinking water was difficult until about 14-15 weeks but now I'm able to drink like I used to and it's felt really good.

We got to do my anatomy scan today and everything is looking perfect. The placenta was in a good spot, baby was measuring right on time, and all little organs looked normal! The sonographer also confirmed that this baby is indeed a little GIRL and we are so thrilled Roxy is getting a baby sister!! We hope they are best friends. We are feeling out some names and I'm excited to see what she will look like. She has so much personality already!
It was tricky getting a good profile of her since her hands were up the whole time, but she kept showing us great shots of her face! She also had her mouth wide open a lot! Oh I can't wait to hold her.

We started working on her nursery and making arrangements for that. I'm excited to get it done and I'm sure I'll put a post up about it once we do.

So far Roxy doesn't quite get what's going on. She will pat my belly from time to time and say "baby", but she'll do that to Daddy's belly too! She's pretty little to understand still, but I'm sure once baby sis is here she'll just adore her!

We feel so blessed and thank everyone for the kind support and prayers. I'm just enjoying this pregnancy as much as possible and so excited to meet this little girl in a few months!
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