August 26, 2016


June 25, 2016

I was reading back on my old notes from Roxy's pregnancy and I am just so grateful I have them. Not only for her to look back on, but for me as I experience more pregnancies to see what's normal and what to expect. Because let's be honest, I don't remember every little detail. And with so much excitement and joy surrounding her pregnancy and birth, I made a promise to myself that I would create that for all of my babies. No matter how long the gestation. No matter if it's my last baby. Bump pictures, newborn shots, baby books... They will each get the same!

So why am I starting this again? YES we are expecting again!!! Roxy is going to be a big sister and I can honestly say that I am still somewhat in shock. I don't think it's hit me just yet, but I am very excited to see things progress.

So let's go back a few steps.

I had been itching to have another baby when Roxy was around 9 months. As we discussed more of
our family planning, we felt good to try and have our babies close together. My little sister and I are 18 months apart and I always loved having a friend so close in age to me.

Anyway, I was still breastfeeding at the time and wasn't certain where my fertility was at. And with my history of high risk pregnancies, we weren't sure how things were going to pan out this time. But we figured we could start trying once she turned a year.

And literally the month she turned one, my monthly friend came back. I thought it was perfect timing and meant to be. But life does not always go as planned and ovulation was delayed by several days.

Side note: It was important for me to keep track of everything because I was also determined to follow the same exact process as we did with Roxy: progesterone at 3 dpo and baby aspirin at week four. In my heart I believe this is what saved her. I wasn't taking any risks this time!

After a few months of very irregular cycles, going on and off progesterone, charting (and learning so much from that), and an early test, I was able to get a very faint pink line on a home pregnancy test!

I was so excited, yet still couldn't believe it! I woke up Cam to tell him he was going to be a Daddy again and I think he barely heard me. It was 5 AM. Haha.

I was also able to get an early blood test done so they could check my HCG and progesterone levels. They came back at 14 HCG and 14 Progesterone.

I tried not to let this worry me. At 3 weeks Roxy's HCG count was at 88. That's the downside of having her notes to compare to. I kept telling myself it doesn't matter as long as it doubles. Plus we were catching it very very early.

And on 11 dpo, I went in for another lab draw. This was yesterday. Friday. Normally I wouldn't get results till the following business day, but I got a call at the very end of the day.

She read the number to me. 59.

It not only doubled but TRIPLED! I took a huge sigh of relief. It's crazy, even after having a perfectly healthy pregnancy, I'm still one to have my guard up.

I texted Cam the number, he just wrote back "Yes!"

So I am 4 weeks and 1 day today and we truly are so excited to meet this little one. Yes it is still very early, but I already feel so much at peace.

Oh and the baby is due March 3rd. We weren't planning for another March baby necessarily, but it seems to be our lucky month. So this little one and Roxy will almost exactly be two years apart.

I know she'll be the best big sister.

We love you little baby! Keep growing strong!

July 5, 2016

Things are going great! I repeated another blood test last week and my levels rose to 1450! Really exciting! And next Monday we're going to do an ultrasound, so I'm counting down the days for that!

Honestly, I have been a bit nervous as I've felt NO pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. Though looking back with Roxy, I remember hardly having any symptoms at all. Ever. This one seems to be pretty similar.

BUT yesterday I did start feeling a bit of dull nausea. Just a yucky feeling. Not bad enough to where I need to throw up, but enough to make me feel some food aversion. That has reassured me.

July 28, 2016

It's been a bit since I've updated. Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y.

But everything is going great with little one. I've been feeling pretty sick and very exhausted.

Symptoms have definitely kicked in now and though I'm pretty pooped, it's been wonderfully reassuring.

Our first ultrasound went great. Baby was measuring on time. Heartbeat was 102, which my nurse said was normal for 6 weeks. They didn't give us a picture, but I was just glad everything looked good and was in the right place.

Today we got another follow up ultrasound just to make sure things were progressing. And this time we got a picture of our little peanut. Hooray!

Baby was measuring great, only 3 days behind.

Heartbeat was 174. Baby in the uterus. No bleeding or cramping. Great, great, great!

We were also able to announce it to our families while we were in Ramah (our home town) last week. That was so fun. There were lots of peeps there from both sides, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell everyone.

We got Roxy a little shirt that says "Big Sister Coming March 2017", and we kinda just put it on her and let her loose. We didn't say a word and just relished in all the responses. We loved it. Roxy was mostly nervous why all these people were looking at her!

Here's one with her and the ultrasound pic. This was seriously the best I could do. She really is a wild toddler now. One that doesn't sit still and wants to run away from me. Haha.

And one that's going to be the best big sister ever. I just can see her sweetly, tenderly loving this little baby already. She just adores babies so much and when we were doing the ultrasound she kept pointing to the screen saying, "baby, baby". And even after, she would look at the picture and say, "baby". I know she'll be so caring and loving. I can't believe we're going to have another.

My heart just keeps growing bigger! We are so blessed!

August 8, 2016

This morning I was able to hear baby's heartbeat through my doppler for the first time. I can really tell where my bump is first thing in the morning, so I figured I'd try the doppler in that spot. Sure enough, I heard baby loud and clear! You sound great, my little one.

Hearing a baby's heartbeat inside you is such a crazy experience. It truly is a miracle that I am humbled to take part in.

Also, funny moment before I forget... A while back I showed Roxy an image of what the baby looked like. Just a detailed image on my pregnancy app, not an ultrasound picture. I was around 6 weeks when I showed her, so it was fairly early in the process. Well, as soon as I showed her she made a hissing noise--very similar to the hissing noise she makes when she sees the snake in her zoo book. Ha ha I guess it does look more like a snake than a baby at that point. Her reaction made me giggle.

I have also started documenting my bump. This past Friday was my 10 week mark, so I decided to start then. And also because I pretty much have a little bump already this time around!
8/5/16. 10 weeks along.

This is such a poor quality picture. Hopefully my next one will not be so blurry! I'm also trying out the chalkboard idea this time just to change things up. I'm excited to get creative with it!

August 26, 2016

I'm exactly 13 weeks today and I also got to do my first official doctor's appointment. We were also able to do another ultrasound, so that was exciting.
Baby with both arms up and one little leg kicked up. 

Baby was measuring just one day behind, so that was great. Heartbeat was 155 bpm and we counted two arms, two legs, two hands, and two feet. Everything is looking perfect. We even got a peek at the gender! Too bad it looks exactly the same for both boys and girls at this point ;) Baby was kicked back and relaxed the whole time. When we did Roxy's 11 week scan, she was flying around in there! This little one was pretty calm.

As I was watching the screen, I was holding Roxy's little hand. It was surreal looking at my babies. I had been nervous about this pregnancy, but my little girl has given me that hope and assurance that everything can and will work out perfectly. I am so blessed to be their Mommy and I can't wait to have them both in my arms!

8//26/16: 13 weeks along. Already showing!

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