May 11, 2016


Winter has felt SO long this year. So so long.

And though I am grateful for the rain and moisture, I'm glad we had a few warm spells so far this spring and we've been able to get out and do some fun things.

A couple weeks ago we attended the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. This was my first time going. It was so gorgeous I could not believe my eyes! Roxy enjoyed it too. She pointed at all the pretty flowers and loved people watching (her favorite hobby of all).

At the end of April, we went on a mini vacay to St. George for the weekend and it was so great. We thought it was nice that St. George decided to rain on us once we got there. Oh well. And of course it was 80 degrees right before and after we were there. I guess we just brought the cold weather with us.

Thank goodness there was one warmish day that we could get some hiking in. We went to Zion's and it was so beautiful. I had never been there either. Just makes me really want to explore every inch of Utah this summer! We went on some short trails since we had the little one and she loved it too! She loved riding on Daddy's back in her hiking pack. Probably because she had a better view to stalk people. She almost fell asleep too. It was a great day!

We also did lots of (indoor) swimming at our hotel since it was too cold outside. Baby girl enjoyed that too. She laughed so hard when Daddy would splash in the water and she thought she looked so adorable in her swimsuit (I quite agree).

Always so serious. Mommy & me suits.

We also did a little site seeing and went to see Brigham Young's winter home. That was really neat. Probably the most interesting part for me was the little bench that he had beside his bed so that he could still kneel to pray despite how ill he was in his last years. That really humbled me. That even though he was not feeling well, he still had that humility to kneel before Heavenly Father and thank Him for all he was blessed with.

We also got to eat some yummy food and some local restaurants and did lots of relaxing. It was a fun, little getaway!
Her first ice cream cone. She's had ice cream before but eating it out of a cone? Mind blown.

We've also enjoyed lots of walks and trips to the park here at home. Look at my girl! She can stop growing up now.

We are so ready for warmer weather and summer fun! What are your favorite summer activities?
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