February 11, 2016



Cam and I have been dying to go to a BYU basketball game since FOR-EV-ER.

And we thought it would be a fun experience for Roxybelle too.

So we picked last Saturday's game against Pacific since it would be early in the day and easier on baby girl.

Minus climbing Mount Everest to get to the nose bleed section and Roxy's crocodile tears when she first heard the roaring crowd, I think it was a success.

And once she got some yogurt bites and got used to the yelling, she was cheering along with everyone with her squeals.

She was the cutest little cougar we ever did see!
Gasp! The suspense....

We ended up losing, but it was a fun, close game!

A little video clip of part of the fight song:

 photo kerisig_zpsbc8802b2.jpg

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