November 22, 2015


My paternal grandparents have been married for 60 years! No biggie, right?

So to celebrate this incredible milestone, the Johnston clan met up in Moab for a fun, party weekend!

It also happened to be Roxy's first vacation.

And I gotta say, first vacay was a SUCCESS!

We were so proud of her.

But I'm not going to lie, I was one worried mama.

I expected things to go a little more like that one time we tried to stay in a hotel. In Salt Lake. (Story for another day.)

But as always, little noodle proved me wrong.

She slept pretty much the entire drive there and when she did wake up she was singing along to the radio.

After dinner with my family in Moab, the first bedtime was a bit trying, I'll admit. She had a tricky time falling asleep and woke up in the middle of the night and cried for about two hours.

Honestly though, I think she would have slept all the way through the night if we weren't so loud. Every time we moved, the bed made this noisy, crinkly sound.

When we finally got her back to sleep, Cam and I slept on the floor. Trust me, it was way more comfortable.

But I really can't complain. It went much better than expected, and she is always such an awesome sleeper. One night wouldn't kill us.

The first day she ate some yummy breakfast with us at the hotel and played with her cousin Eden (my cousin RJ and Jamie's little baby girl--pictured above).

We visited with family, which was my favorite part.

Everyone LOVED being around baby girl. She got so many kisses and loves that weekend.

She didn't really want to go down for a nap in the hotel room, so we decided to take a scenic drive through Arches National Park while she dozed in her carseat.

It was beautiful.

After we returned the party was about to start.

We all gathered in this conference room at the hotel room for lunch and the aunties all put on a program for Papa and Gram.

Roxy did great and ate yummy lunch with us. She is a master at finger foods and chewing--even though she has no teeth yet!

She got passed around all throughout the party and the whole time my dad kept trying to hold her.

Yeah... she's still a little wary of strangers. Especially my dad. I think it's the beard..

But finally, he was able to slip his finger in her hand without her knowing. She held on for a little bit and that made his night.

My mom kept trying to put everything in her mouth. Typical Lola. She couldn't get enough of her either.

Also, I'm really sad that I didn't get any pictures with my mom and Roxy. In fact, I hardly have ANY pictures of the two of them and I never noticed! I'm vowing to get plenty of them together when we go home for Christmas.

Anyway, everyone stayed up late that second night. Playing games. Singing karaoke. It was great. And Roxy was just soaking it all in. I think she loosened up and had some fun by the end of the night, but there was just so much for baby girl to see! She is so observant. Though her face always seems so serious and unhappy, I think she is just trying to figure everything out.

Aunt Nat said that was the most animated she'd ever seen Roxy.

Bedtime the second night went much more smoothly. Mostly because we may have put baby girl in the bathroom...

Hey, it was big enough to fit her pack 'n' play so we figured, what the heck?

Turn her sound machine on. Set up her monitor. Make it nice and dark and quiet for her.

She slept like an angel. Not one peep the whole night.

And Cameron and I were able to sleep more comfortably on the beds, which was so nice for us!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Lola tried really hard to put baby girl to sleep the first night too. She kept singing her songs with made up words and by the end we were all laughing. She is such a fun, sweet Lola. She adores Roxybelle.

The next morning we had breakfast with the family. Lola was still trying to give Roxy all kinds of food. She thinks it's so fun now that she eats real food. Roxy loved the blueberry muffins.

When we got all packed up, we met outside to say our goodbyes to everyone.

Roxy got passed around again and got kissed over and over. Especially by cousin Pinky (she is also going to have a baby soon!).

And basically that's how it was for several minutes. Everyone circled around Roxy. Taking turns holding and kissing her.

No one really said goodbye to Cameron and me. Haha. But we are okay that she is pretty much always the center of attention. But could you blame them??

Finally, we hopped in the Xterra and made our way home.

Little miss was asleep as soon as the red rocks were in our review and stayed that way all the way home.

You were the perfect little passenger and partier baby girl!

And you did even better on your next stop: Thanksgiving. Details to come!

Love, Mommy

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