November 30, 2015


We've been able to take things slow with Roxy's first trips.

Moab was a 3 hour drive and Vegas was a 5 hour drive. 

She did great both on the way there and the way back. Taking two naps and singing along to the radio. 

Now she'll be ready for the 9 hour drive home for Christmas we hope! Crossing fingers. 

We decided to go to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving because Cam's brother Justin was going to be there. He had just gotten a new job so he didn't have any time off. We don't get to see him often, so we thought we'd take advantage of the opportunity. In hopes his other siblings and parents would also take advantage of it, we decided to suggest the idea of us all being there together. And we were! Except Brittany, which we dearly missed, but it was so fun to have us all together. 

We stayed in Grandma Romine's house, and visited during the evenings. 

Since Roxy had such a successful night in the bathroom in Moab, we tried to repeat the idea in Grandma Romine's closet.
Though it wasn't quite big enough to fit her pack n play, we were able to create a sort of cave for her with it halfway in the closet and her sound machine going. It worked great and she slept like an angel pretty much the whole time. 

She did cry a little the first night, but after she got used to it she was happy. And she stayed up so late every night too and naps were really tricky to fit it! We were so proud of our little noodle. She did amazing. 

On Thanksgiving Day, we all got ready and went to the LDS Church his family meets at. There was tons of food, little ones running around, video games and board games in the cultural hall, and lots of visiting. 

I'm glad we were able to get some pictures of us. 

We had such a fun time seeing everyone and being together. Roxy was so cute and loved eating sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, bits of pie. She loved it all. She also loved visiting with Uncle Justin. It was just a good time. We truly have so much to be thankful for, but certainly family is the greatest. 

The next day we had a packed full day too. We went to this amazing park and the kiddos had a blast. Roxy had fun too. She got to try the swing for the first time and went down the slide with mommy and daddy. She was straight faced as usual. Not much emotion. She is so level headed! She did kick her legs a little when we went down the slide though! She's so funny. 

After that we went to Bass Pro Shops to explore and see Santa for free. Roxy was being so adorable, happy, and clapping the whole time. I expected her to scream when she saw Santa but we put her on his lap and she gave us all the biggest smile! It was adorable! We were all jumping around talking to her and the photographer kept snapping shots. She started doing patty cake for us, as if she was like, "Oh, you want me to entertain? Hmm.. what can I do? I can do this.." Seriously she was so cute. Not bad for a free pic. She is a doll. 

Where Bass Pro shops meets a casino, there's a huge fish tank where a mermaid does a show. It was really cool and Roxy loved watching too. Afterwards we went to get lunch at Five Guys and then others did some shopping. 
Because Daddy and Roxy love giraffes.
Checking out the fish in Bass Pro Shops. 

The next day seemed just as busy. We all went to get breakfast at a place called Egg Works. So delish. Roxy enjoyed carrot cake french toast with daddy and a banana muffin. She's such a great little eater. I had the famous eggs Benedict there and it was so yum!

After breakfast we went to this place called Container Park. It was sort of a shopping mall place made out of shipping containers. It was pretty cool. All of the shops were either handmade or small businesses. There was also a play area made of containers and the kids enjoyed that. We enjoyed looking at all the boutiques and even got some Christmas shopping done.

That night we got to spend some time with Grandma Romine and Roxy had fun doing patty cake with her. She hadn't met Grayson, Marli's little boy, before the trip either so it was great for her to spend time with the babies. She was so sweet to open up her home to us (and let us completely take over).

Sunday morning was nice. We were able to wake up and have some breakfast and leisurely got ready to go home. Roxy did great all the way home and took two naps. We did have one blowout though. No, not a tire blowout thankfully. Just one that required a change of baby clothes. ;)

Roxy was such a good baby, and we think she had a great first Thanksgiving. With little time for naps, late nights, car rides, tons of kissing and being passed around, she handled everything so well--with the same, adorable expression on her face. We love her so much and are so proud of her. Each day as we count her blessings, she is always the first on our list. We are beyond blessed and love her more than we could have possibly ever imagined. We can't wait to celebrate several more Thanksgivings with our little blessing from Heaven! 
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