October 3, 2015


Take a 1960s piano, some chalk paint, some Hobby Lobby knobs and wala! You get a super cool, modern piano!

Thanks to Lisa for bringing this piano all the way from New Mexico and giving it to us for our birthdays, we now have a beautiful instrument that our children can play. Not many kids can say they grew up playing a red piano! We love that it is unique and totally us. And we love that our children will have music in their lives. We believe that's so important.

Cameron was, at first, set on not getting it because of little space and worries that it might collect dust. But the idea to paint it really inspired him. So that's what we did. Well, Lisa and Cameron did it. I painted one side and Roxy and I watched the majority of the time.

It was surprisingly easy, it just took a little time. And not nearly as much time as it would have taken had we not researched which paint to use. This has made us want to paint ALL the furniture in our house!

 photo kerisig_zpsbc8802b2.jpg

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