October 31, 2015


We love fall in the Romine house! I think most people around here appreciate it too. It has been absolutely beautiful this year.

I'm obsessed with the colors and the cozy clothes and hot chocolate. The sweet reminders of gratitude and service. It really is my most favorite time of the year. Cameron laughs at with me about how I'm such a giddy little kid during the holidays.

I can't help it. I just LOVE the atmosphere and events we get to do as a family. And give me all the yummy foods and smells. This year has been extra awesome because we get to experience the magic with our little Roxy stinkaroo.

And I might add that it's been ridiculously fun dressing her up in cute fall attire. I thought an itty bitty swimsuit was to die for until I experienced baby boots.
Matching mommy & me beanies from Aunt Jillian.

And yes, I will be making 1.5 million mini scarves now thank you.

She's still too little to do certain things, but we really enjoyed picking pumpkins with her at Cornbelly's while she people watched. It also happened to be BYU game day. Reppin' the gear.

I've also enjoyed letting her try a taste of pumpkin, squash and apples. She is such a great eater so far, she pretty much eats anything. Including dead, dry leaves.
She kept looking at us like, what? This is totally normal.

She didn't really enjoy the aftertaste though...

We also had a blast taking pictures this fall too. My adorable and talented neighbor, Rachel, took these. The location and weather was perfection. We loved how they turned out!

Cameron's also enjoyed watching football with his favorite little fan. I love these two! You bet he's making sure she knows all there is to know about sports.

And of course, the annual pumpkin painting! We decided to go with a classic, Nightmare Before Christmas. My Sally and his Jack.

We also thought we could be Jack and Sally for Halloween because Roxy is a pumpkin, buuuut we figured we'd spare her the nightmares.

I think we've got the gear to be scarecrows. Or farmers. We might throw something together tonight.

We've been lazy with costumes this year, and I'm sadly disappointed in myself because it's Roxy first Halloween. But it honestly doesn't matter at all because who would pay attention to us when we've got this unbelievable cutie with us??

We are so blessed we get to eat this little pumpkin up all year long!

Happy Halloween!
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