October 3, 2015


In the early morning of the first day in September, I woke up to feed and change my baby girl. I stayed in her room for some time before my husband came to kiss me goodbye before heading off to work.

As I heard him leave, I proceeded with my usual routine--starting with taking her dirty diaper out to our large garbage can in the garage. Halfway asleep, I walked drowsily into a curtain of gold streamers. Then I jumped back suddenly! "What is this?" I said out loud to myself. I walked through the curtains and found our entire kitchen and living room decorated in gold. I was completely taken by surprise! On our kitchen table (also draped with a gold tablecloth), I found a golden envelope. I opened it and there was the sweetest note from my sneaky husband.

The letter told me that I would be getting something special each day until I turn 25 on the 25th of September--my "golden" birthday! He was going to celebrate this whole month and make it one to remember for me. I couldn't believe it and of course I cried a little. He didn't have to do this! It was so beyond thoughtful and I was so touched.

The letter also focused on an attribute that he loved about me and mentioned that he would focus on a different attribute of mine each day that followed. So every morning for 25 days in September, I woke up to a golden envelope with a letter inside that talked about a piece of my character that Cameron loved about me. They each brought tears to my eyes. His words made me realize some good things about myself that I hadn't before, but especially made me love him more his kind thoughts. It really was a service for me and only made me want to really live up to those positive things he saw in me. It truly was an unforgettable month. Very golden indeed--especially since we left the decorations up until my actual birthday. It looks weird without them now.

He also surprised me randomly here and there with simple gifts to go along with the theme, like golden Oreos or golden grahams. He's so thoughtful!

The 25 days ended with a big bash with family and close friends. We had lots of fun activities: ping pong, movies, giant jenga, corn hole, food, and karaoke. It was a lot of work, but worth the good time.

Working on the party decorations and a list of festivities.

Also a fun plus was that my parents and my little sister were in town! It was so fun spending time with them and I was happy they got to see Roxy. We also went out with them to the Melting Pot (my first time there) the next day. That was quite the experience too.
They sang all three verses to me and it was fun blowing out all those candles. I feel like an old lady for sure now.

It was an unforgettable celebration! So grateful for all the love I felt from family, friends and loved ones. A quarter of a century is off to a good start.
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