July 8, 2015


I told Cam that the Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday. Because Christmas is pretty awesome. But I do love Independence Day because I love this country.

We had a great weekend.

Cam had work off on Friday and we spent the whole day together. Shopping, eating lunch, and watching movies.

On Saturday, we had a pretty relaxed day and then created a dessert for our neighborhood Fourth of July party. We love getting patriotic and festive!

We walked down the street and ate dinner. We got to listen to live music and chat with friends. We took Roxy home pretty quickly after that since it was time for bed and she needed a bath.

Once it got dark, we sat out on our driveway and watched the fireworks. We had to stay close by since Roxy was inside asleep (amazingly with all the noise!). It was a pretty good show--despite the few fireworks that malfunctioned!

So grateful for those that sacrificed for our freedoms and that we have this day to celebrate our independence. Happy birthday, America!

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