May 18, 2015


Has it really been two months since this little miracle of ours joined our family?!

So much has happened and she changes every day. We're happy to report that she's growing like a weed and is a healthy baby girl.

Two month stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz (53 percentile)
Height: 23.5" (89 percentile) 
Head circumference: 40cm (91 percentile)

Some other tidbits:

•The doc says she's tall for her age.

•She has a good sized noggin as you can see. Ya know.. For all them smarts ;) she has a talent for swinging it like a wrecking ball right now.

•Her eyelashes are getting so long, thick and curly. I've got googly eyes over them!

•She's in her 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. 

•She still loves being held and snuggled but gets some serious attitude if you don't do it right. She prefers being held upright, over the shoulder so she can see. 

•She doesn't like it if you sit down while holding her either.. Unless she's asleep or feeling merciful. She keeps me active. (: 

•Baths are no longer the enemy! She seems to like being in the water now and smiles at us. It's just getting out that's not her fav. It makes sense, I don't like getting out of the shower and freezing either. So we've tried a few different things--keeping a heater going in the bathroom, warming up her towel, etc. seems to help! 

•Speaking of smiles, she's smiling more and more every day! I feel like fireworks go off in my heart every time. My favorite is when she scrunches her little nose. It is the best thing ever ever ever! 

•She also does lots of cooing and babbling and it is to die for! I just love talking with her!  

•When she got her two month shots, I probably cried more than she did. I just held her close to me all day. It was the hardest thing to see her in pain! Thankfully the soreness passed fairly quickly. 

•She is still sleeping like a champ! She's built up to about 9 1/2 hours now and we really couldn't ask for more. She sleeps somewhat okay during the day--if I'm holding her. Recently I've tried to get her down for a good nap in the afternoon. This gives me a little time to get things done or exercise. Swaddling has helped but I think the daylight makes a difference because as soon as it hits in the morning, she's up! Maybe some of you more experienced mommies have some advice on naps since I have no clue what I'm doing. I've heard blackout curtains help. And from what I understand, they should still be sleeping quite a bit when they're this young. 

•Look how strong I am! 

So how are mom and dad? 

We are doing great! Mostly just enjoying lots of time as a little family. Work is going well for Cam and he got a new calling as an assistant scout master. We're excited for the change and I'm still enjoying my calling in the primary presidency. So much joy in this incredible journey!
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  1. She is beautiful Keri! I can't believe how much she has grown!

    1. Thanks Shanae! I know, it's going by so fast!


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