May 8, 2015


A fun thing about having a new, little baby is enjoying all the firsts! 

Then, if you're like me you'll obsess over them and clog up your phone with pictures ;)

Except when she goes to church for the first time and her mom is too much of a stress case to care about snapping some shots (despite how darling she looked in her little dress)! 

But there really was no need to worry. She slept like a champ through probably one of the noisiest days in primary. Big thanks to my fellow presidency ladies and Cameron for taking shifts holding her while I did my sharing time! 

Cam and I had a first of our own and went on a date! We hadn't been out since we had Roxy so it was a real treat. We went and watched Furious 7 and totally loved it! My sweet sister-in-law, Marli, babysat the little for us. As fun as it was, I couldn't wait to get back to my baby and hold her! I'm just so attached!  

Speaking of attachment, we have officially moved Roxy into her own room. I cried. And then stared at her pretty much all night on the baby monitor. I kept debating whether I had moved her too soon... I knew she was probably ready, but was I ready? She has just been sleeping like an angel so there wasn't much of a need to have her right next to me since she only wakes up once a night--usually in the early early morning.

After a few days though it really felt no different. The nursery is right next to our room and it's much nicer having everything in one place. Now I just gotta start sleeping as well as she does!

Another sad-ish first for me was packing away her baby clothes. Does this mean my baby is no longer a newborn because she's grown out of her newborn clothes?? I'm not ready for her to get married!!!

On the bright side, she's got some pretty dang cute outfits she gets to grow into. Oh the birdie jeans. COME ON.

We also took Roxy on her first walk a few weeks ago. After spending probably a couple of hours making sure she was fed, burped, bundled and buckled, we were finally ready to venture out into the big world of our neighborhood. It was a lovely evening. I can't wait for warm, summer nights!

We also had Roxy's baby blessing this past Sunday. It was such a sweet and special day. The blessing she was given was beautiful and I'm so grateful for my dear husband who was able to bless her. I was able to record it, and I'm hoping to type it up for her soon. We truly hope she will keep it close and sacred throughout her life. She is such a precious gift and we feel so unbelievably blessed! Thanks to our dear family and friends who were able to attend.

It was fun spending time with family leading up to the big day too!
Meeting Great Gram for the first time

Cam and his dad gettin that fence done finally!

With Lola and Lolo

Nana and Lola

We love her so much!

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  1. Omg her little smile reminds me so much of Cam lol!

    1. I know! Haha It's so cute she definitely is daddy's girl!


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