May 10, 2015


As I've spent time with my sweet baby girl, I've been inspired to write this post. Though.. I'm really struggling to find the right words. As I've tried to put a description to how I'm feeling, the best answer I can come up with is love. Instant, unbelievable, and unconditional love. As I've been privileged to experience this kind of love through our journey of having a baby, I have come to really appreciate and understand my own parents a little bit better.

I've been especially thinking about my own mother as Mother's Day approached. My mom is just an incredible lady. Though I may have spent much of my life misunderstanding her, I have never doubted her love for me.

There are things you go through as a mom that help put things into perspective. From the moment you try to conceive that baby to the day you celebrate their 18th birthday, there is a sacrificial love that comes with being a mom. I'm learning this. I don't care that my house is a wreck and that I look like I've slept in a ditch for 10 days so long as it means that my child is fed, happy and healthy. And though each mother is unique, I now understand the sacrifice that any mom goes through to ensure her child is safe, nurtured and nourished. 

My mother is truly a woman of sacrifice. Growing up in a foreign country and doing everything she could to work hard and come to the United States in search of something better. That's what she wanted for herself. That is what she wanted and still wants for her children and family. 

Despite the struggles she went through as a child in the Philippines, you would never know it today. My mother is full of energy and laughter. Her sense of humor and outrageous personality allows her to make friends anywhere she goes. Literally. ANYWHERE. We'll be checking out at Walmart and wait, where did Mom go? Oh, she's making a best friend in aisle 5. And probably buying them lunch. 

Another thing about my mom is that she is so incredibly giving. It is her love language. It makes her happy to give. That means a lot coming from someone who wasn't given much growing up. She serves and is so generous to everyone she knows. She has always been a good example of that to me. 

Mom, there are not enough words in the world to express my gratitude and love for you. Forgive me if I haven't always shown that. Thank you for all you've done so that I could have opportunities and happiness. Thank you for supporting me in all I do. To your yelling and screaming on the sidelines of my volleyball games and track meets to being at the birth of my own daughter, thank you. As I sing my baby to sleep just as you sang to me, I hope to pass on your great qualities to my own family. Except for making friends anywhere. Just kidding! I'm going to have to work on that! 

I love you with all of my heart, Madre, and I wish I were there to give you a kiss and a hug!

The Happiest Mother's Day to my exceptional, feisty mom! 

Love always, Keri-Pie  
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