March 5, 2015


Last week for family home evening, Cam decided it would be a good night to dedicate our home. He prepared a lesson on keeping our home a sacred place and we did the dedication after.

It was so special. He said such sweet things! During the lesson, he spoke about how happy he was to come home from work every day and that he loves what we have created our home to be--a happy, spiritual place where we can grow and worship as a family. It really does just feel like "home" to us when we walk through the door. He felt this was especially a good time to do it because of the precious, little daughter of God we're about to bring in.

We love our home and we love our little life. I'm grateful for my sweet husband who is a worthy priesthood holder and that he has the ability to do these things for our family.

We are currently playing the waiting game with little miss Roxy. She'll be here soon I'm sure, but I'm so excited to meet her it's hard to accept that she has her own agenda. Every night when I go to bed, I keep thinking I'll get awakened by contractions, but it doesn't happen. The only thing that's waking me up are my frequent bathroom breaks haha.

How am I feeling about the birth? Really calm. Happy. Excited. I just feel so ready and confident. I'm prepared to handle whatever happens and I'm grateful for the time that allowed me to get to this state of mind.

We are making progress and my doctor keeps saying she'll be here any day. He also says, "See ya next week!" and "The fifteenth is a great day for the induction because I won't be here the sixteenth." And all I can think of is, "Hahaha you're so funny because there is no way that is happening!"

I know, I know, she'll be here before I know it, so I'm just trying to enjoy it all and be patient. I've been keeping as busy as possible by practicing for the birth, reading, and making tons of little baby girl dresses! I'm a little obsessed!

Needless to say I'm excited for a little special someone to wear them!
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