February 17, 2015


A few weeks ago, Cam and I went on a little getaway to Midway. We stayed at this place called Zermatt--which, HELLO, looked like somewhere in the Swiss Alps! 

I've never been to Midway, but it is gorgeous. I am always amazed at the destinations in Utah. So many breathtaking places that are so close to my backyard, I love it!! 

Anyway, with baby girl almost here, we wanted to take some time to just be with each other. No stress, no errands, just fun and relaxation! I guess some people call it a "babymoon". 

We both got a massage (my first prenatal! Yay!), which was ah-mazing! We relaxed, we dined. It was all quite divine. 

Aaand I have no pictures to prove it. Zero. I think I tried one selfie but it was a big time fail. 

It really was beautiful though, I promise!! 

Other things that have been happening. Well, let's see. I have been keeping myself pretty crazy busy. I have a checklist and planner to help me time manage and make the most out of my day (it's probably ridiculous and unnecessary). I think after I stopped working I started doing everything I ever wanted to do but never had time for. I still have a long list I want to complete but all of the big stuff is done and out of the way. 

Here are just a few of the things I've been able to get done:

1) Freezer meals! Yay!! Probably about two months worth! I did it with my friend, Ciara, and we will tell ya It was A LOT of work. I'm pretty sure I never want to go grocery shopping or even look at food ever again, but it was so worth it. Well, I guess I should wait to say that until we actually try the meals. But hey, now we won't have to worry about dinners for a while once Roxy gets here. 

2) Clean and rearrange and organize and REorganize every inch of my house. Scientifically this is referred to as turbo nesting mode.

3) Make headbands for my little Moose. This was too fun. I did this with my sister in law Marli--the cute feathery ones were made by her. You best believe my little girl will have something pretty on her head every day! 
Oh don't you worry, there's more.

4) Finish the nursery. Love how it turned out! I'm glad we did this one pretty gradually. It is really nice that the walls were already painted when we moved in this house. We recently put in a few more shelves in her closet, so there is plenty of storage space now.

Blanket crocheted with love by my mother in law, Lisa.

As far as the pregnancy goes, it's going really well. My little one has dropped and is head down--all set to go. Today I'm 37 weeks and 2 days. 

Don't mind my gorgeous hair and no makeup face. I thought about cropping my head out, but you know.. It's time everyone knows the truth. This is how I look almost every day. #truth

And I guess I carry my babies straight out in front of me. I've never felt her kick my ribs or in my back. I feel like all of her movement is way outside of my body! And I don't think I really realized how much I was sticking out until I took a pic at this angle. 

I can't find my feet (: They've been missing for months. 

I think I've made it pretty obvious how excited we are that she could come any day, so other than that we've been doing great.  

We are loving our callings in church and Cam's job is going really well. He has a great manager and is being put on several projects. I'm so proud of him and grateful for all the sacrifices he makes for our family.  

Oh and how's our little Leia? Just as cute and as needy as ever. Did I mention how dependent she is? She can't even be in another room by herself. She just has so much love and LOVES attention. Oh and if any of you dog owners out there have advice on how to help prep a pooch for a baby I'm all ears! I've done some research and she is so sweet that I can't imagine her being aggressive or anything, but it's helpful to have some personal stories.

We also had such a fun Valentine's Day weekend. On Friday my sweetie surprised me with some beautiful roses and a precious love note. 

Then we headed to The Leonardo in Salt Lake and checked out the different exhibits there. We pretty much nailed those blind self portraits--or whatever they are called!

On Saturday, we decided (very last minute) to go out to eat and we're so glad we did! We ended up going to Bona Vida at the Traverse Mountains Outlets. It's becoming one of our faves and seriously, it is a gem that no one seems to know about! We arrived at prime dinner time on Valentine's Day and got a table immediately. Maybe it was the set menu that night, but we were not complaining. I mean, we were served sparkling cider in plastic cups. That just screams romance to me.

Yep, life is just dandy here at the Romine household! Hope you all had such a marvelous Valentine's Day full of lots and lots of LOVE!
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