February 9, 2015


So... I haven't done Cameron Quotes for a while and I think it's about time to put the spotlight back on my ever so loving and supportive hubster.

Lately, he's been doing and saying the cutest things as a soon-to-be daddy that I think I may just lose my mind when Roxy actually gets here.

Sorry babe. I just HAD to. Maybe try not to be so adorable and I won't have to embarrass you like this.

Anyway, here are a few cute moments I want to keep on record so our little girl can look back on them too!

So my aunt gave us a darling little picture frame that says, "Daddy's Little Girl" on it. The minute I showed it to him he said, "Oh, I can't wait to put this on my desk at work!" I know, right? So sweet. Once we get a picture of her in it, I can just imagine him putting it proudly on his desk with the cheesiest smile on his face. I die!

And I seriously can't get enough of these texts:

Seriously, "Rox"? Love that he already has little nicknames for her. "Roxberry" and "Roxilla" are some others I've heard him say.

And he got that romper and dress while he was on his work trip to Minnesota. I remember when I got that text. I could NOT stop smiling.

Also. My favorite. When I catch him reading or looking at something daddy-like. One time it was a book about fathers and daughters and life lessons on raising a girl. And another was an app he downloaded so he could keep track of her growth and the different stages of pregnancy. I love that. He's also been YouTubing random videos of babies. He might be excited. Just a little.

He has other sweet moments too. Like the time he just shouted out of nowhere, "I LOVE HER!" Or when we were having a discussion on what she might look like and he just quietly said to me: "I can't wait to have a mini version of you..."

Awwww just stop it already!!

Something funny that he does all the time is when he creates a little megaphone out of his hands, puts them on my belly, and talks through them so Roxy can get a nice clear shot of his voice. Yeah, I don't think she'll be mistaking who he is once she's out!

Like the text above, he's also really sweet about including Roxy in all our convos. Even when he asks me how I'm doing, he asks how she is doing too. Heart. Melted.

Okay. That's all for now. Daddys are just so cute with their little ones aren't they? I'm sure lots of you other moms can say the same! Like I said, I will LOSE. MY. MIND. when I finally see him with her.

Just a few more weeks people..!!

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