January 18, 2015


I love how my blog gets so neglected sometimes. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with OLD pics and wrinkly, old news.

This past Christmas season was a wonderful, but hectic one. There was just so much going on surrounding it that it was pretty rushed and we had veeerrry little time. But I'm thankful we were able to spend it with family and friends. It truly is such a special time of year.

First, let's not forget to note that Thanksgiving at our house was not a hot mess! I actually would not mind doing it again. No, seriously. Prepping the food and being hosts was not that bad!

The trick? Use festive plastic plates and have Kneaders take care of the rolls and pies for you. HA! That's how I roll in my house (pun intended).

Oh, and only have, like, seven people to prep for. It was a good first for sure..

Right after Thanksgiving, my family all went up to Salt Lake and attended a Christmas concert (with David Archuleta oh yeah!) and looked at all the lovely lights at Temple Square. The weather was PERFECT and it was so fun spending it with my family.

Oh and can I add that we discovered that baby Roxy has a thing for David Archuleta? Yeah. I'm pretty sure all four of her little limbs were going at once every time he came on to sing. I loved it!!

At the beginning of December, we had our annual Candy Making Day where all the women on my dad's side of the family get together and make delicious Christmas candy. My fave!

Cam and I also attended the Festival of Trees for the first time. It was amazing! People are so talented and it's such a cool event for those in need. We went on the last day, so it was PACKED. But we enjoyed all of it.

I also got to attend an event called Bright Night with these beautiful ladies in my neighborhood. My sweet neighbor friend, Haylie, was one of the hostesses of the event. To get in, we had to bring donations for the local women's shelter. There was food, dancing, eyebrow waxing, etc. It was such a BLAST for a good cause.

On Christmas Eve, we made our way down to little ole Ramah, New Mexico. Where it all began...

As most people know, Cam and I are both from Ramah and so it makes things interesting when we go down there for holidays. It's a lot of trading off and driving back and forth, but it's worth seeing both of our families.

On Christmas day, for instance, we woke up really early and drove to the Romine house since all the little kiddos would be up doing presents (we stayed at my parents place--which is about 15 mins away). Then after that we drove back to the Johnston house for breakfast and more presents. Then we headed back to the Romine house for a Christmas lunch. Then, of course, back to the Johnston's for dinner.

Yeah, it's pretty much like that all week long.

As usual, I'm great at snapping pictures, so here's pretty much all I got from that day.

Shelbs & Bubbles.

Friday after Christmas we headed to Albuquerque for my best friend's wedding. I was honored to be her maid of honor. Most gorgeous bride ever. It was a lovely day and we are so happy for them! Yay Ciara and Tannin.

That Saturday was my baby shower in Ramah. (Like I said, it was a jam packed week!) It was a rainbow theme because Roxy is our rainbow baby. Marli took tons of great pictures that I will have to put in another post. For now, here's a shot with my mom, me, and my two sisters. It was hosted at Lisa's house and so many wonderful ladies came to support. I felt so loved and could not be more thankful for all of those who helped with it and brought gifts. Roxy's got a pretty darn cute wardrobe now!
Shelbi, Lizelle, me, & Mom.

And just when the week seemed to settle down, the Sunday after Christmas, the 28th, is my mom's birthday! We didn't do anything crazy, just dinner, but I'm so glad we were there to celebrate my wonderful mother on her special day.

Monday we headed back to Utah and that week we celebrated New Years at our house with Marli, Tyler and their boys. Cam had to wake me up at midnight since I was dead on the couch. But we had a fun time with family with yummy breakfast on New Years day. Marli and Tyler ended up staying that whole day and it was so fun just watching movies and hanging out.

Okay, baby updates!

I'm 33 weeks along today! I cannot believe my baby girl will be here so soon. I'm getting so unbelievably excited. I dream about her constantly and can't wait to meet her, hold her, and kiss her precious little face.

According to my app, she's the size of a honey dew and weighs about 4.2 lbs. Since my last update, she has just been kicking up a storm and growing like crazy. I love feeling her move. There's just no other feeling. I'm always surprised that people don't see my belly doing pinwheels because she is such a wiggle worm. I really have hardly used my doppler in months because she moves so much and I never need to check on her. She loves kicking for her daddy, too! It's such a blessing. We have lots of fun playing with her at night when she seems to move the most.

We took maternity pictures yesterday with my cute neighbor, Rachel. She is such a great photographer and we had so much fun! I can't wait to see all of them. Here's a sneak peak she posted:

Cameron and I have been doing great. We've finished up our hypnobirthing class and took a full day prenatal class. They've really gotten us excited for the birth. Cam is loving his new job and this is my last week at work, so it will be great to really focus 100% on our baby girl.

We truly feel so blessed and thankful that many family and friends have kept us in their thoughts and prayers continually. I'm overwhelmed with the love Roxy is going to be born into. There's just no words to describe how grateful we are for her and how happy it makes us that she's developing so well. She truly is a gift and we adore her so much.

I'm going to try to keep up more these next few weeks. Who knows when this little girl is planning on showing up! ;)
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  1. I'm so glad you posted. I've missed reading about you! You look absolutely gorgeous, by the way!!!!

    1. Aww thanks Nadia! I know, I've been MIA for a while now, I'm getting back on it ;D


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