December 31, 2014


Cameron and I just shared our FOURTH Christmas as a married couple this year...

Can you believe it?!

I sure can't.

It's gone by so quickly, and we've created so many fun and wonderful memories and traditions. And much more to come, I'm sure.

As some already know, I'm a huge fan of the 12 days of Christmas. I've loved doing this for Cam the past few years, and this year was no different.

We thought about different ideas for a theme and suddenly, it hit me! This is our last Christmas together before our baby girl comes...

So I thought we could make it a first time mommy and daddy theme slash our last Christmas as a family of two.

It was a little tricky trying to find gifts that were for him but also kinda for the baby. There are a few that are definitely just for him--more like father's day type gifts. Kind of a last little hurrah before she comes, ya know?

And here they are!

Day 1: Baby carrier 

Day 2: Diaper Bag & Diaper Changer
Cam made it pretty clear he would not be carrying around a floral diaper bag. So went online to a place called Diaper Dude where they specifically sell "Bags for Dads". 
It took me forever to come up with something to go with the diaper bag for the second day of Christmas. All I could think of was diapers! But I came upon this little portable diaper changer. Probably not something we'd normally get, but would come in handy!
Day 3: Three Daddy Books
Seriously this one is a gem! This little book is just full of cute little sayings and advice for dads with daughters.
Day 4: Four Onesies
HAD to go with the 49er onesies.

Seriously? I want to melt.

Day 5: Five Workout Items
The picture quality is just amazing, so I just want to apologize for that. This was Cam's "big gift" this year. One of his biggest goals before Roxy comes is getting back into shape. So I got him five items to get him started: 1) a workout calendar 2) an abdominal wheel 3) workout shorts 4) workout top and 5) and a Samsung Gear band that he can connect to his phone.

Day 6: Socks

He's obsessed with "pop socks" right now.

Day 7: Seven (Manly) Pamper Items
Day 8: A Wallet & Seven Coupons
He's REALLY been in need of a new wallet. He's been drooling over these more modern type wallets, so I decided to try the HuMn brand out. Inside the wallet, I put 7 little coupons in that he can redeem at any time. 

Day 9: Holiday Treats

I don't have a picture of this... because I pretty much neglected to do it. #fail

But I did end up getting him some Peachie O's (his favorite candy). But it was not the lovely home baked goods I planned on making for him. He was completely fine about it, but I felt so bad! This Christmas was just so hectic I simply did not have the time to do it.

Day 10: $10 Gift Card to
Pretty terrible, I know. I usually do not like to encourage fast food eating, but I seriously could not find a $10 gift card anywhere. But I guess it will come in handy on those days he forgets to make lunch for work.

Day 11: Eleven "Open When" 
I saw this idea on Pinterest, but it was more romantic, so I just made my own "daddy" version of this. I wrote 11 letters (the night before, if you can't tell) that he can open at various stages of her life. This one was really special to me. So excited for him to be a daddy!

Day 12: Pre-Planned Dates for 12 Months
These are fun! Though we are having a baby, I hope to keep our dating alive. Another idea from Pinterest.

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