November 2, 2014


We celebrated reaching the halfway mark with some cheesecake.

I figured it'd be okay to indulge ;)

We are so blessed. So elated. So EXCITED.

Our baby girl will be with us in just 18 weeks. I can't believe it.

Some random updates:

There were a couple of weeks after I felt her move where she didn't move at all. Though I could still hear her just fine on the doppler, this worried me. Yes, it was early still. Yes, she is still so tiny. But why would she just stop moving all of the sudden?! And for so long!

Of course, she didn't actually stop. I just couldn't feel her. And around the start of week twenty, I started feeling baby girl's cartwheels again. Now I feel her move several times a day. Silly girl loves to push on mom's right side often too. I don't know what she's doing in there, but it's just so dang cute I can't stand it!

Cam also felt her kick for the first time too! It was so little--and I was probably way more excited than he was, but it sure was special.

My mom flew up for a day to go to our 20 week anatomy ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. It was great to have her here. Baby girl looked great. Two hands. Two adorable feet. A healthy brain, heart, kidneys, etc. I just can't believe all of that is happening inside me. Tech said she weighed 12 oz. And she was measuring big as usual. It's been very comforting for us knowing that she's always bigger than we calculate--and we go off of the conception date, so it's pretty accurate!
Baby girl's feet <3

My mom wore sunglasses after the ultrasound because she didn't want anyone to see her crying. It was a sweet, Lola moment.

As I mentioned before HERE we did go a little crazy after finding out the gender. We've been working on her room here and there since then. We have this whole idea that right now is a good time for us to spend some quality time together--and honestly, I can't think of anything more enjoyable than doing things for our little girl with the hubby.
Sorry, this is super blurry. Still lots to get done with the closet. People have already sent us baby clothes! I think she's going to be well dressed.

Just got the crib up this past week.

I'm sure I'll have some much better pictures when the nursery gets all finished.

We've also decided on a name! We are naming her Roxy. We've loved it for a long time and kind of always knew we would name her that. Where does it come from you ask? It may be silly, but we both love the brand Roxy and it reminds us of sunshine and adventure--two words that I think describe us well. 
Painting the letters.

As far as a middle name goes, we both wanted our mothers' names for it. Then we thought, what if we only have one girl?! It would be a crises. Anyway, I'm not sure where the idea started, maybe Lisa came up with it. I can't remember. But, we figured, why not just combine the two names? Mely and Lisa. She would be named after two strong, amazing women. Something we hope she'll carry with her throughout her life. So that's what we are going to do. We haven't agreed on the spelling yet, but it will either be Melysa or Melisa (I tell people it's Melisa because that's the spelling I want, but I'm sure it won't be decided for a while).

So things are great so far. Just preparing for her slowly and juggling work, callings, and having fun when we have time. We're really enjoying this time getting ready for our little Roxy Melisa (or Melysa). She brings so much happiness already and we love her so. 
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  1. Wow! Her room is so darling! I love the wall art particularly. That artist is one of my faves. I am going to get her print of "Come Thou Fount," for our new house :)

    Roxy is very cute indeed. I considered that name because Eliza R (R as in Roxcy) Snow. She's one of my all time favorites!

    And you know what? We had the same dilemma with Jack's middle names! We ended up using both of our dad's names as well, though we didn't combine them. He is Jack Edward Robert Burton. He thinks it's pretty cool that he has TWO middle names when most people only have one.

    Anyway, this post made me smile because we had so many things in common.

    So glad you are feeling and doing well. Can't wait to see pictures of little Roxy!!!

    1. Ashlee! That is so fun that we had all that in common. I did not know that that was her middle, so cool!

      We love the artwork, and I'll definitely have to check out more from that artist. you'll have to show me yours once you get it.

      That's funny about Jack's middle names, we've honestly talked about having two middle names if we have a boy later on because there really isn't a way to combine them! Haha.

      Yes, so excited for when she comes! We'll definitely keep posted. Love you!


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