October 16, 2014


On October 4th we found out our little pumpkin is a girl! We are beyond excited and cannot wait to meet her!

It was just us two at the ultrasound appointment, so it was very special. As we walked up the stairs to the office, we took a stab at some last minute guesses at what our baby could be. I woke up at 5:00 that morning because I just could not settle myself down. It was killing me!

She didn't want to cooperate at first. She had her legs crossed--and probably her arms too. After some time passed, we thought we might not get to find out that day. But a few pokes finally woke her up and gave us a nice, clear shot! Yep, it's a girl alright!

As soon as the lady called it, we both looked at each other and beamed. I squeezed Cam's hand. Our little girl. We couldn't believe it, she was ours!

We did a fun little gender reveal to announce it to everyone.

We also got a nice little profile shot of her.

Oh how I love my baby girl!

Afterwards we decided to indulge a little bit and buy some decorations for her room. I guess the time waiting for a baby had built up and... Okay, we may or may not have went a bit crazy. It's never to early to get started, right? 

It's funny, before we found out she was a girl, we spent some time in the baby clothes section.. Just browsing. Both little boy and little girl things. 

But. We found these shoes. We both wanted to die of cuteness! We said, if it's a little girl these will be hers! 

And so later that day we waltzed over to Walmart and got baby girl the shoes.

Obviously, we are thrilled to welcome our little girl in March. But besides all of this pinkness and cuteness, we feel so beyond blessed that Heavenly Father has trusted us with a precious daughter of God. Sure, I think about what I need to prepare for her physically--her clothes, her room, etc.--but more importantly I think about what that means and the example I need to be for her.

We have another appointment next week for our anatomy ultrasound. I'm sure I'll be talking more about my baby girl then, so stay tuned! 
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  1. LOVE! So happy for you!

    I love having a girl! Little girls are a lot of fun to dress up. You are so right! I'm still figuring out how to be the best role model for mine. Ha ha.


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