October 13, 2014


So yeah. Boston. It was so short and so awesome. I don't know my American history very well (I'm terrible), but this place is just oozing with awesome historicalness.

Thursday night (my birthday), we flew in to Boston and got there at about 11ish. We had an Uber driver take us from the airport to the hotel. Highly, highly recommended. SO much better and cheaper than a taxi. I think it ended up being like 23 bucks--which would have been about $60 if we took a regular taxi. Sorry, I'm just still so fascinated with this.

!Rewind! The whole reason for this trip was because I had bought Cameron tickets to see a Red Sox game for his graduation present, so this was all highly anticipated. He looked like a cute little boy on the plane with his Boston hat on.

Anyway, we got to our hotel and crashed. The next day (Friday) we slept in and decided to explore the city! The hotel had a shuttle service that took you to the train station at all times during the day, so after breakfast we hopped on and headed to the subway. Traveling all day via train was surprisingly very easy and convenient in Boston. We had heard renting a car or taking a taxi everywhere was just pointless in a city like that. It was a fun experience.

We started with a tour of the Freedom Trail, which was created so that visitors could find their way to all of the historical sites in the city. This cute, little Bostonian lady took us on part of the trail and enlightened us with some rich Boston history. Pictures below. Prepare to be amazed at the superb lighting in all of these.
She was cute. And sassy. 
An old map of the city.

I think this was the state house...

The very old graves of many historical figures, those who fought in battle, and more!

John Hancock's headstone. 
Grave of Samuel Adams. 
Paul Revere.
Robert Paine. One of the signers. All were there!

We ended the tour with the site of the Boston Massacre. Very cool to stand there.

What a gem.
After our little tour we decided to follow the trail some more. We visited the famous City Market where street performances were happening.

Then, more exploring.
crazy uneven streets!
What a stud.

And all things Paul Revere--house, statue, church, etc.

His statue.

After our long day of exploring we headed back to the hotel for some dinner.


Saturday was the big game day! Cam wanted to head out early so we could make it to Fenway Park for a tour. Sadly, we didn't get there in time (first come first serve, ya know), but we got in early enough to do some of our own exploring. It was packed though! Which made sense because they happened to be to be playing the Yankees AND it was Derek Jeter's last few games. It was so cool though.

Green Monster!
Packed, packed house!

It was such a gorgeous day and we had a blast. It was the only game the Red Sox won (10-4) that series against the Yankees, so ya know.. it was good for us.

After the game we went out to eat at this yummy seafood place by the waterfront. Fresh salmon mmm!! We caught our flight back to Salt Lake very early the next morning.

Even though the trip was super short, I think we did a good job of experiencing Boston. Definitely one to remember!
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  1. Did everyone have that idyllic Boston accent?? C:

    1. Shelbi! I don't know why I failed to mention this on my post, but YES. Especially our Uber driver. He had the thickest Boston accent. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. He was bawn and raised in the city and I'm pretty sure Cam kept misunderstanding him and telling him the wrong answers. Lol.


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