September 4, 2014


So I think I came back less tan than I was before the trip... It's probably because there was a lot of sleeping and reading in the shade on my part. But honestly, how can I be mad at the chance to relax and sleep in? Every. Single. Day. Oh it was heaven!

We went to Lake Powell early this August to stay on a houseboat with my family, and what else can I say except it was splendid? It was so nice to spend time with family. Jet skiing. Fishing. Swimming. And just hanging out.

We also took Leia. She did so good. We are always so proud at how well she adjusts to everything. She still has some "fruitcake" (we call it) tendencies because of her abuse and anxiety, but we can tell she always makes a brave effort--especially if either of us are there to help her along. By the end of the trip she was rolling in the sand, chasing birds and mice, and laying (she hates swimming) in the shallow parts of the water. Having all the little doggies there just made the trip so entertaining.

Toward the end of the trip, we found this new/better spot to park. For a little bit we couldn't find Cam. Then, all of a sudden, there he was! So epic.
Oh how I love you, Amber Sunset.
My sister-in-law, Eva.

This place is my absolute favorite! So many childhood memories there and I hope many more to come.
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