August 3, 2014


Okay. I was a blogging slacker for the month of July.

But I feel like SO. MUCH. HAPPENED.

Not really, but we just had little things going on all throughout the month. And I was just lazy to keep up. Anyway, here are some highlights!


First, I ran my half on the 19th!

Running a half marathon is super tough, dude.

But I loved every minute of it. Every. Single. Minute.

Now, every minute after the race was a totally different story.. when simply sitting down became a chore...

But it was completely worth it. The course was beautiful. And honestly, it went by WAY fast. Seriously. I remember feeling "Great, the race just started and I have a long ways to go." Then, before I knew it, I was reading the MILE 8 marker! I couldn't believe it!

I walked through all of the water stations and took a bathroom break right after mile three (I was like, seriously? Mile three?). But other than that, I just went. The rush and adrenaline was incredible!

I trained for this race with my neighbor friend Haylie--who did incredible. We were separated for a ways during the race and met up again at mile 11. Oh boy, that's when my entire body hurt. Those last two miles killed me, but it was amazing crossing that finish line. I totally cried.

I also saw my beautiful friend Nana there! Oh how I missed her! She runs half marathons all the time because she's just bomb like that. It was fun to see her and cheer her on.

The best part was seeing my babe at the end of the race cheering for me! As soon as I saw him after the finish line I jumped into his arms! Bawling, of course. He and Haylie's family also waited for us around mile 9 to cheer for us. He's my biggest supporter and I'm so thankful for him!


The weekend before our anniversary, we celebrated with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and Wicked! It was our first time seeing the show, so it was very special. We enjoyed it so much! And we love any occasion to get dressed up and fancy!

On the day of our anniversary, we kept things simple since we already had our celebration. Just dinner at home (Cam's favorite: biscuits and gravy) and Can't Buy Me Love on Netflix.
Oh the "fancy" homemade cards I make him... He puts up with so much!

I cannot believe it's been three years since our little family began! It truly feels like we just walked out of the temple doors hand in hand. I've loved every moment being married to my Cameron and I'm so grateful for him. It has truly been the most challenging year for us, but I don't think I would change a thing. We have grown so much as individuals and as a family. Here's to forever babe! I love you SOOOO much!
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  1. You are so gorgeous!

    Congrats on the Half! I'm running one in 2 months and I'm kinda freaking out!

    And congrats on your anniversary! Just congrats all around! :)

    1. Aw, you are gorgeous Nadia! Thanks, that is so exciting you are running one too! Good luck! I'm excited to hear how it goes (: (:


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