July 10, 2014


So I just really love the Fourth of July. Pretty proud to be an American and grateful for those who fought and fight for our freedoms.

We spent a wonderful weekend in California with family this year.

On the third, we flew in and made little stop to Venice Beach before heading out to Hesperia. That night we enjoyed some delicious steaks from our bro Justin.

On the Fourth, we went to Dean's baptism. I got to lead the music and Cam got to say the closing prayer. It was all very special. So proud of Dean! 

After the baptism we all went to Jillian's parents house and enjoyed some lunch and time at the pool. And of course, futbol was on! 

Then we all headed to the Angel's game for an awesome time and fireworks. 

On Saturday, we made our way to Newport Beach. So beautiful and fun! We boogie boarded, swam, sun bathed, tandem biked, played smash ball, ate foods, etc. It was soooo fun! 

Sunday Cam and I attended church with Justin and Jillian. We relaxed most of the day then went to stay close to the airport that night. 

We also took a very frustrating journey to find the Los Angeles Temple (seriously, LA traffic). But it was all worth it! 

We returned home Monday morning.

Phew! What a weekend! We were burnt out by the end but it was SO fun! Thanks Romine family for sharing an awesome holiday with us!
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