June 12, 2014


Cameron and I just got back from New Mexico for my sweet, Grandma Luella's funeral. 

I kind of just wanted to write a quick post about her and not have it linked from Facebook or Instagram. I just want this for my family record and I suppose the few that actually follow can read too. 

It was definitely a bittersweet reunion. So many family members and friends from all over gathered in Ramah for this one special lady. My great-grandmother Luella Clawson was 97 years old when she passed! What an incredible life span, she had seen so much in her life. And she truly was surrounded by love as she left this life.

We had dinners and visited and the services were so very special. My Papa gave her life story at the funeral, which was so remarkable to me. What a special, giving, hard working woman she was! And again, having to go through and see so much in her lifetime was amazing. Cam's dad gave some remarks at the funeral as well (since he is the bishop in Ramah). He focused on the importance of families and how they are the most important. He said it perfectly, and I'm sure it touched so many. 

The men/boys in the family also did a musical number. 

It was all very special and heartwarming.

Later, after we all ate, we headed up to the ranch for her burial. It was a beautiful spot. Looking out across the whole valley. Definitely a peaceful testing place for Grandma. 

We all had a chance to say something about Grandma Lue. Lots of funny stories were told and sweet memories. I got up too and made myself the biggest fool of all fools. I don't know why I felt the need to get up and say something when I know I am a horrendous public speaker and I always end up saying exactly opposite of what I intended. I am still flushed and painfully embarrassed about it and I feel as though I ruined the entire event with my silly remarks. 

The thing is, Grandma Luella meant so much to me. I had the privilege of growing up with her and was blessed with her presence my entire life. She let me keep my destructive and messy ponies in her backyard. She made sure to call me if they were getting low on water or got sick. She was always so welcoming, loving and caring. Her meals and her hugs were only a small portion of the love and kindness she had towards me and others. I have so many special memories with her and all that came out of my mouth was mush and who knows what.

Grandma Lue, I hope you understood and could feel what was in my heart that day... despite my inadequacies. You have shown me what it means to serve, and I hope one day I can become half the woman you were. I love you so much. I will miss you. I am so happy you are with your sweetheart and so many others! 

God be with you till we meet again. 
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