May 5, 2014


So last-last weekend, I took a quick road trip to Ramah with my Aunt Shirley and cousin Ashley Kayleen (and let's not forget baby Benjamin!)

I will need to consume only leaves and water for the next 12 years after what I ate on that road trip. I say that a lot about my eating habits. It's so bad. But SO good.

We had fun though. Telling stories of our most embarrassing moments (juicy!), fantasizing about our dream jobs, and all that good stuff. Fun times and so much laughter. Love these two ladies.

Thanks to Ash for sending me these pictures!

When we got to Ramah, we got to see Gram and Papa and Grandma Luella. Missed them so much! I come from a pretty awesome family.

I also got to spend time with my parents and see my mother and father-in-law. I mostly visited with my parents while Aunt Shir and Kayleen helped Gram move Grandma Luella out to the Ranch.
Sweet Papa out at the Ranch house!

Great Grandma Lue (and Gram in the background). 
My Nanay also whipped us up some of her famous Filipino food. Oh how I MISS my mom's food! She hooked us up with all of it. Pancit. Chicken adobo. Lumpia. Shrimp. Rice. Mmm mmm mmm

It was very quick trip, but much needed. I had a hard time being there without my hubs, but it was good! He always gives me super long hugs when I get back so I like that. ;)

Graduation Ceremony 

You all know that Cameron graduated back in December, but UVU only has one ceremony for the whole school year--in May. He kinda didn't want to do it, but he just had to. It's not every day that you graduate from college, right?? It's a huge accomplishment and we are so proud of him. Because it was quite some time after he graduated (and he had already been working full time for a year), we weren't even aware of the time and place of the ceremony until a few weeks before. But we got it all sorted and really only ended up telling our parents who were so kind to make the trip up for it! I got to see my parents two weeks in a row! Pretty rare. Pretty lucky.

Cam graduated from the School of Technology and Computing with a degree in Information Systems with a Business Intelligence Emphasis. We cheered LOUD for him when they called his name!

This is only a peek at the shots we got that day. My dad got lots too, which I'm hoping to get from him soon. A handful of these are just goofy.

Yeah, I wanted to match him.

After the ceremony and pictures, the six of us went out to eat. They made us wait way past the time we reserved our table, but I'm not mad because they gave us free dessert.

The next day we spent more time with the parents, got upgrades for our phones, went to the BYU Rugby (nat'l champs baby!) game with my parents, and enjoyed a delicious Navajo Taco dinner made by Cameron's family at Marli's house. On Sunday, we had yet another amazing meal prepared for us by Lisa and Martin. They also stayed with us that night.

Glad we had family come together from both sides this weekend all because of this amazing intelligent guy who I'm lucky to call my husband! Very, very proud of all his accomplishments.

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