May 31, 2014



Cameron and I have been talking about getting a dog for months it seems. I honestly don't know when we started talking about it--likely not that long. But it sure feels like it's been forever!

Originally we thought a cat would be nice. We had recommendations from friends and a few family members. They are easy to care for, love to cuddle and be pet. But after talking about it for many, many days, it just didn't seem right. Don't get me wrong, cats are great. But they are--lots of times--more independent and I think we needed something that would require more care. 

Then suddenly, we thought.. Hey, why not a dog? I think we pushed the idea out before because when I think dog, I think puppy. When I think puppy, I think ain't nobody got time for that! But why not an adult dog that needs a home that will be old enough to leave during the day??

We were extremely excited with the idea of having our very own dog! We could go for hikes and evening walks. Take them with us to Lake Powell. And the greatest thing? We could have a little life to care for and love.

As I mentioned before, we have been searching for our pup for some time now. Literally every dog we approached fell through. Either they weren't a good fit or someone snatched them up because we hesitated too long. And we might have had very different opinions on what we wanted...


Right as we were feeling discouraged and ready to give it a rest for a while, we decided to give it one more go. We usually search on to view all the dogs up for adoption, but this time I went to KSL first.

And there she was!

Our little Leia! 

She had lots of great qualities we were looking for. I honestly didn't have high hopes, but I figured I would just text the lady to see if she was still available.

The lady immediately called me back, and I asked a few questions about her dog. She started crying and told me she turned so many people away, but she could tell that I was kind just from listening to my voice. She thought Cameron and I would be the perfect fit and allowed us to come see her!

Leia is an extreme abuse case. The owners we got her from took her in from a shelter or something along those lines to be a playmate with their other dog. She was 8 lbs when they got her and now she weighs 14 lbs. Unfortunately, their dog would beat her up and bully her, so they didn't want her life to continue to be hard.

We met them in a parking lot and immediately we fell in love with her! The poor thing was so scared to death, but after a few treats she warmed up to us quick. I could tell Cam was smitten. Can you blame him?

Needless to say we weren't going back home without her. They gave us a care package with treats, food bowls, dog food, toys, a blanket, a brand new collar, a retractable leash, and all her paper work (she's spayed, chipped, and up to date on vaccines). We asked them how much we could give for her and they lady cried and just said "a good home". We couldn't believe how much she gave us! We seriously got so lucky and we are so grateful.


The lady told us that her original name was Leah but she pronounced it like Leia because she wanted her to be a princess. So when Cam and I went to go make her tag we changed the spelling so that it matched Princess Leia's from Star Wars. We think it's darling, and I feel like we should keep it for her previous owner's sake. She loved her so much. Plus, Leia knows it so well already!


Leia is a shiba inu (mix) and will be two years old in October. We don't know what the "mix" is, but can tell she isn't a full shiba. She is completely house trained and barks at us whenever she needs to go and do her business. And when she wants to play (oh she is very specific when she does and does not want to play), she makes this deep little howling noise.

As I mentioned, Leia has had a rough life. She is pretty sketched out of strangers and gets startled at certain movements. Her tail was broken in two parts, so it has healed crooked. But that doesn't keep her from wagging it! When we first brought her home and I got a really good look at her, I just started crying. How could anyone hurt that sweet little face? 

Despite her anxiety, Leia is extremely adventurous and curious. She wants to sniff everything and she is always very focused. She's pretty submissive to other dogs, and she's got the funniest little attitude and personality.

The first day we got her, we took her on a hike and she LOVED it. We were very impressed with how well she did. She even let some little kids pet her! Everyone who walked passed us commented on how cute she was and that she looked like a little fox (she totally does!).

We are taking Leia to some classes soon to help get her socialized. We've also been exposing her more and more to people and other dogs and new situations and she seems to be doing great and adjusting quickly.

She's not a huge cuddler obviously, but she will do anything to get a good belly rub.

When we chill on the couch, she chills right next to us on the floor. The first night we brought her home, she just curled up into a tiny ball in the bed we gave her and never tried to jump on ours. We just looked at each other and said, "okay, that was easy!" Often times if we're out in the living room and she's tired and uncomfortable, she'll just run to our bedroom and crash on her bed.

She also LOVES blankets. And is very particular on how they are folded under her. She spends forever laying it out, fluffing it up, and wadding it before she'll settle down and sleep.

Anyway, this is getting long. But we are so excited about our Leia. We've had her for a full week now, and it honestly feels like she's been with us forever. I can't imagine not having her with us! She's most definitely filled some of that empty hole in my heart. Welcome to our family little bug.
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  1. she is a little poochi pooch moose minx pooch. I want to cuddle her face all over my face.

    1. She does a spin that makes your head spin!


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