May 22, 2014


Just some tidbits.

#1 - This past Saturday we ran my first ever 5K! For those who knew me in high school, you know I'm so freggin awesome at distance running. But seriously, my longest race was always the 200m dash and even then I was not great at it. I have been training for a half marathon so this "little" 5K has just been part of my training to prep for that.

And I'm so glad we did it! It is way different running with hundreds of people.

Cam agreed to do it with me (but apparently didn't care to train with me for it--I don't blame him) and we wanted to pick one that was for a good cause. So I signed us up to do the "Running with Angels" 5K at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Okay, so has anyone ever been there? Seriously people. Gorgeous.

This run was inspired and hosted by author and inspirational speaker, Pam Hansen. Pam has a pretty cool story if you ever get the chance to read about it. All of the donations for this race went towards supporting the Utah Valley Healthcare Foundation.

You could also run/walk the race in honor of someone you lost so we dedicated it to the babes. It was so fun and we definitely want to make it a new tradition.

#2 - I got called to be the 2nd counselor in the primary presidency. I'm SO excited. And SO nervous. Mostly excited...

#3 - Cam got a new haircut and I dig it.

#4 - We have been looking at adopting a dog (yes plans have changed from a cat to a dog somehow--I'm sure I'll be writing about this soon) and all of the the ones we have sought after so far have fallen through. But not to worry, we know there is a furry addition to our family waiting for us somewhere!

#5 - I haven't blogged about my bestie since she left, but I just want to say that I love her. And miss her. A lot :( But she is doing awesome in the Philippines and we get to talk (aka email aka it's not enough) every week. She says the Philippines is a human furnace. Stoked to go back there with her one day!

#6 - Cam and I watched Godzilla last weekend. Meh it was good. When the movie started, I was like YES, Godzilla is Filipino! Wait. I don't anything. I never saw the original or whatever. We left the theater and Cam was like, "Godzilla is a good guy?" Lol. We are so educated.

#7 - My sweet friend Kaity told me about 100 Happy Days and asked if I wanted to do it with her. Um. Heck yes I would! So we've been posting pictures on Instagram of little things that make us happy for 100 days in a row. It's been so fun. One of those happy moments? Reaching that dang 2048 tile!!

Now I'm on a mission to get the 4096 tile. I've gotten so close a couple of times. It's a problem.

#8 - Memorial Day is coming up and I'm just so excited for a nice long weekend! Hope you all have a good one.

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