April 11, 2014


Me: Why do I need to shave? There is absolutely no purpose for it.
Cameron: To be a woman.
Apparently my husband is grossed out by my manliness during the wintertime...

Welcome to round three people. Oh how these happy sayings brighten my darkest days!

"If I ever get to that point, just start poisoning me slowly." Talking about when we get older and can't care for ourselves anymore.

I tried to convince Cameron to come running with me at 4:00 am after staying up super late (like I would ever actually do this). He cut off my begging mid-sentence: "No, I really don't want any of that, thanks." Pause. "Gotta respect a man's laziness."

"We should fight more often!" After watching too much reality TV.

"I really just want a chimichanga-pizza-burger right now."
His definition: a pizza inside of a burger all wrapped up in a chimichanga.

Me: We should have done that yesterday!
Cam: Well. There are a lot of 'should'ves' in this world and not a lot of 'dids'.
Me: .....Wait, what?

Cameron and I have been talking about getting a pet friend to live with us. Specifically a cat pet friend. He texted me this other day:

Yesterday we went to eat at a little cafe. Cameron ordered a bacon burger.
Cameron: I make really bad choices.
Me: I know, I do too!
Cameron: But I'm SO happy!!!
*Sigh* I wish I could live his guilt-free life.

Whenever I talk about how hideous I look in our pictures together, he's like, "Speak for yourself. I look great!"
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