March 26, 2014


I think it's about time for a silly post after all the sad ones lately.. My sister flew by this past weekend for her spring break and so totally made me happy!

We chit-chatted (?) and ate junk!

She appreciated Saving Mr. Banks with me while Cam snored.

We partied with family at Uncle Kyle's 50th!

We dined on Sushi.

Hey Shelbs, you look cute!
Shelbs: Oh gee.. thanks!

I laughed SO hard taking this pic that it gave me not double, but TRIPLE chins!
Me: Cam, can you take a picture with Shelbi and me together?
Cam: What? You said together, and you're together!
 Baby sis leaving for Albs. She's 5' tall and full of love! I miss you already! xoxo

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