March 10, 2014


Yeah. We tried the whole FHE thing when we first got married and we just didn't stay consistent! I think we always felt like we had it covered because we do frequent temple trips and spend lots of time together in general. Plus, I feel like we've been in that mindset where we could start when we have kids... (Yeah probably not the best.)

Despite trying to justify this the past 2 1/2 years, I've known that having a designated Family Home Evening was something important for us to establish early on in our marriage. And it's probably better if we form these good habits now rather than later--definitely not gonna get easier when kiddos come along!

If you don't know what Family Home Evening is, then it's totally okay. I didn't really know what it was about until I was 19 and was asked to be an "FHE Mom" for a group of college kids. It's basically something that our church encourages to help promote family time in the home. Typically, FHE falls on Monday nights (however, I know lots of families that have it on other nights that work better for them). There are lots of ideas out there for this, but generally FHE consists of a focused lesson and activity that you do together as a family.

The other day I felt like we really needed to get this going. I was tired of telling myself we would do it and have each week pass without it happening. So last Monday, I put my foot down and planned a FHE based around the theme of... well, FHE! I prepared a short lesson that focused on the importance of families, family time, and having a regular Family Home Evening. I combined this with an activity of building our very own FHE chart! This chart will allow us to assign duties we will both be in charge of for every Family Home Evening we have. We used some old paints and supplies along with a few other craft items I got at Hobby Lobby to make it.

Cam wasn't super stoked because 1) it probably wasn't his choice activity for the night and 2) it took a lot longer than expected (we kinda stayed up late doing it). However, I think it turned out decent! He's a trooper for sticking it out and making this with me. Plus, it was fun doing something totally different and crafty together.

Some paint and some sticker letters just to add a little "Families are Forever" sign.

Little name tags to show who has which assignment. When our family grows we'll make cuter tags.

The finished product! We kinda struggled a little bit with the "Romine" stenciling at the top, but we figured it will do and hopefully it will help keep us accountable for our assignments each week. Since there's only two of us, we'll each take three activities and then rotate them every week. For our chart, we included assignments for opening prayer, song, lesson, activity, treat, and closing prayer.

We also had this thought a while back that we would study all of the talks from the previous General Conference each week. Yeah. Didn't happen. But I really liked that idea still and thought it would be good if we centered each Family Home Evening lesson on them. I found this idea (on Pinterest, of course) where you write the names of the talk and who spoke on popsicle sticks and then place them in a jar, so when you go to prepare your lesson you can just pull out a stick to pick your topic. I figured we could make one of these too.
I know. I HAD to use my leftover chevron scrapbook paper to make it cute.
Cam spent a lot of time writing these out for us. Thanks babe!
Well, I'm off to our second official Family Home Evening tonight! I'm really excited and I hope we stick with it! You all have a lovely night.

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