February 19, 2014


So.. Love Day..

We had already planned on going snowboarding and spending time with family on Valentine's Day, but we were thinking of celebrating it the week before or on another day...
BUT we just kept jumping from idea to idea and never came to any conclusions!

Side note: I know we should always express our love every day, and I'm not super into the whole commercialization of V-day (as far as the chocolates and teddy bears go), but I think it's cute to do something special.

So finally we just decided that we both wanted the same thing: time and each other. We were perfectly happy to just spend the day together away from work and with family.

We also agreed that we would not get each other gifts this year.

But this little sneak broke the rules:

So here I am.. walking in the doors (empty handed of course) to a beautiful surprise bouquet of flowers--which still smell awesome btw--and chocolate covered strawberries!

Who said I'm anti-Valentine's Day gifts? Nope! Not me!

This boy sure made some warm fuzzies in that little heart of mine! He's the best. And I didn't feel as bad for not getting him a gift after he helped me down those delicious berries!

Snowboarding on Friday was super bomb.

As you can tell from the look on Cam's face.

We had a blast with Justin, Jillian, and Tyler (my brothers-in-law and sister-in-law)--why I'm so great at taking pictures with everyone in them, I'll never know.

We had a super great time though... Snowplowing down some black diamonds (a little too confident from watching the olympics, perhaps?) and working those quads and calves! Love going home dead tired after a long day of boarding.

Then on Saturday we went to our sweet nephew's baptism (which was the whole reason why Cameron's wonderful family came for a visit). Proud of that little Hayden! It was definitely very special and we're so glad we got to attend!

As you can see, I have an endless supply of memorable photos to sum up what a splendid weekend we had (seriously though, why do I always fail to take pictures??). Oh well, at least I got a couple:

Baby Han. Oh we can't get enough of him!

Lisa and a few of the grandkiddos (And Jillian!).

We spent Sunday eating a wonderful meal and watching the olympics and a movie. We hung out with Lisa on President's Day (no work, wahoo!) for part of the day since Martin left for NM and then spent the afternoon and evening at Marli's house.

Visiting with family is just my favorite.

AND I get to see my Dad next week! I'm a lucky lady.

Hope you all enjoyed the nice, long weekend. I'm ready for another one already!

Update on the testing situation:

I figured I could send a short update since everything is kinda out in the open now. Cameron and I have been working with an infertility specialist for the past month and a half. We are still waiting on a few results, but everything so far has come back normal! This has been great news, but it's also had me feeling a bit uneasy since we really don't know what caused the miscarriages. Our doctor is labeling it as "unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss." We're definitely happy that there's nothing wrong, but were hoping to have a few more answers. Luckily, there are still some things we can do that can help (and won't hurt). For instance, taking baby aspirin and progesterone. We'll see how much they help. At this point, diaper commercials are making me sob.

Your continual, positive thoughts and prayers have definitely been so helpful! We couldn't ask for more. We are so blessed and so loved.

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