February 27, 2014


Today I'm posting about my quick trip to Denver this past weekend.. And it's already almost the weekend again.. Where the heck did this week go?? Oh well, better late than never! 

So yes.. I took a quick, two-day trip to Denver this weekend! I decided it was FINALLY time to go see my sweet friend Kaity and her lovely home. I was hoping to see my other love Kyrie (who lives in Fort Collins) as well, but she had a pretty busy weekend. Next time, Kyr!!!

My flight Friday night was super delayed because of the wind in Denver, but it was fine. It gave me some quality time to reflect on a few things (which I'll probably post about soon too). Plus, I'm not opposed to safe landings.

And it really didn't matter because it was all worth seeing this girl's cute face! We stayed up talking until 3:30 am Friday night! It had been way too long.

Saturday we got up and drove to the temple and made the 10:30 session. It was heavenly and so spiritual. What a beautiful place!

Then we dined on Cafe Rio and had ourselves a pampering session with very much needed pedicures. It was divine! (Seriously, my feet = pig's feet.)

Later we attempted to jog all that Rio outta there and went for a 3ish mile run. I'm pretty anti-distance running, but after how refreshing that was.. little thoughts are formulating in my cardio-shy head.. Anyone up to training for a half with me??

Kaity's actually running her second half marathon this weekend, so ya know.. she's a champ. (Good luck, girl!)

The next day we spent the morning baking cupcakes and cookies for Kaity's girls in young women's then attended some wonderful church meetings. After church, we ate some rockin pork burritos and drove to the church again for New Beginnings. It was all so wonderful.

I left for my flight home that night and I was soooo sad to leave, but even though it was short it was all so splendid.

Thanks a MILLION Kaity and Derik for welcoming me into your adorable home and for an awesome weekend. Love you guys!

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