February 12, 2014


Kindred Spirits

So.. there has been quite the surplus of hysterical selections lately from the Mr. Haven't been good about writing all of them down unfortunately.. but I gotta few to share with ya!

Me: "Hey babe, can you do me favor?"
Cam: "I'm just protecting America.. that's all I can do right now, sorry."
He was playing Call of Duty.

"Your hair looks so beautiful today, Keri!"
We both threw our heads back and laughed. I hadn't washed it in days and it was in the most pathetic looking ponytail. (We do this a lot when I'm looking especially presentable.)

"I'm so happy you're watching this with me. This is American history."
While watching Batman Returns.
(He's always so appalled at all the movies I haven't seen yet.)

"I can't do Tom Hanks two days in a row, sorry."
While debating on whether we should go see Saving Mr. Banks the day after we watched Captain Phillips on Redbox.

While watching olympic figure skating, I just hear Cam sniffling on the other side of the couch. I look over and he just says, "Beautiful.. So. Beautiful."
Obviously he was making fun, but two seconds later he was like, "Really though.. I couldn't do that."

After sitting in the car in silence for several minutes, he speaks up.
"I want to throw punch you."
Don't worry, we often use words like "hit" or "dropkick" out of affection. "Throw punch" is the latest and greatest! (I know, we're weird.)

Cam also has sayings that he repeats. Here are a few:
"If I were a girl I'd wear that." You'd be amazed at some of the stuff he's pointing at when he says this one.
"Sounds like a personal problem to me." He says this whenever I complain about something.
"You can do anything in this world that you want to..." He says this or something along the same lines (in the saddest, most dramatic sounding tone) when he's sick, like he's on his death bed..
Most recently added: "Put that on your blog!" (The equivalent to "BOOM" after a diss.)

And my favorite quote as of late? (It's not a funny one, but it just melted my heart!)
"It's so fun being your husband."

Well, sugar. It's so fun being your wife!!

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