January 15, 2014

Last Year's News

So I think this post can't continue without some of this...

Yes. It is as good as it seems.
And yes. I am wearing them as I write this post. 
The other day I was talking to Cam (while wearing them, of course). He stopped me and told me that he just couldn't take me seriously in them.  
I think they are very appropriate. 
Except when the bishopric shows up at your door unexpectedly to give you another calling...

I want to get Cameron a pair.. a set.. some.. one.. (?)
So we can be footie pajama twins
(I saw him looking at some Batman ones on his phone a few weeks ago.)

Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.
Thanks, Mom.

Christmas Catchup 

I know I've been a little bad about keeping up. It seriously was a mad rush after the holidays to get our lives reorganized and get back into the groove of work and well, real life

Side note: You know how I thought we were going to have an amazing life after Cam graduated? Well.. IT'S SO not TRUE. Let's be honest. Being an adult means if you have extra time, you better make the best of it. Them dishes ain't gonna clean themselves and that laundry pile is lookin' like Mount Timp these days. There's just always something that has to get done, right? But, in all seriousness, I'm pretty content because I get him all to myself when he comes home from work! (Unless football is on.) Even if it means going through our pile of bills or running errands, I'm happy we get to spend some more quality time together. It's super.

Alright. Christmas. We had a lovely time. Of course, as I mentioned before, it gets tricky being home. We stayed with Cameron's parents the whole time we were in Ramah, but we spent some days going to my parents house--mostly for meals and visiting. On Christmas Eve we had a wonderful time reading books and listening to Christmas songs. Christmas day we ate lunch with Cameron's family and had a seafood dinner with my family (Asian kid). But it was so wonderful. We loved seeing and spending time with both of our families and just being home again was great.

My mom's birthday was on the 28th so we celebrated by going to Vegas! It's been a while since we've gone as a family, so it was a real treat. It was me, Cameron, my mom and dad, sweet little sister and her boyfriend Josh, and my cousin Pinky and her husband Jason. We went to some shows and went to the Silva v. Weidman UFC fight. Yeah, we saw the epic leg break. Live. I squirm at the thought!

New Year's Eve

New Years was splendid. We went out to eat (because no one was out that night, right?) when we finally found an obscure Asian restaurant called Blue Fish that had a somewhat reasonable wait. It was actually YUM. You can tell how stoked Cam was about it:

Then we went and spent time with Marli, Tyler and our sweet little nephews. I should've got more pics that night, but here's one of the boys watching the fireworks outside:

I love them to pieces!!!

Last year, we got all snazzed up for New Years and went out dancing. But I was perfectly content to have a chill celebration this year. Even no celebration. I wonder if this means that I'm getting old..?

New Year's resolution? To look more presentable. Or acceptable. Or pleasant. Some of you know my history of sweat pants and no makeup at work. I think there is room for improvement here. Mostly for the sake of others. 

Hope you all have a rockin' New Year! Happy 2014!

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