January 4, 2014

Kissing Ninja

So. I've got a lot to catch up on... 

Including the events of Christmas Day, my mom's birthday and New Years. 

But first. Just gotta gush. 

The other day. Was a bad bad day.. Feeling sad, I decided to clean every inch of my house to occupy my mind. Then my husband ran from upstairs wearing his black hoodie (with the hood up I must add) and yelled, "Kissing Ninja!" He tackled me and started kissing all over my face and neck! Then he scrambled back downstairs and disappeared just as swiftly as he arrived. 

And you know what happened? That frown turned upside down. 

He did this repeatedly throughout the night. Jumping on me out of nowhere, kissing me all over, and sprinting away. 

Yeah, I chose a good one. He seriously knows me so well and knows exactly what to do to make me smile. I'll take one "Kissing Ninja" on every rainy day, please. 

He looks serious most of the time.. but who knows what's going on in that mischievous mind...

Also, just a side note.. 

I think blogs are hard sometimes.. I can't help but feel like I come off as if I'm putting myself on a pedestal. I kinda feel this way when I update my Facebook status too. I mean, I know that this blog is about my life and my family and me, but I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging or that I'm better in any way because that's definitely not my intention (and simply NOT true). I know everyone comes from different situations and I recognize that the good things I post about are certainly blessings. I'm honestly just happy to document (for my own memories) and keep family and friends updated on my life. 

Anyway, it's just been really on my mind lately. I do love reading other blogs and hearing about your life, so please tell me how your day was! Maybe you weren't attacked by a Kissing Ninja... but I'm sure it was exciting and definitely important! Because you are so important. Just know that. 


  1. Keri! I have thought about this exact same thing SO MANY TIMES! (worrying about sounding braggy etc.) For what it's worth: I have NEVER thought that about you or your blog. You write in a way that makes me know you are just very, very grateful for your blessings. It doesn't make me sad or jealous, it makes me happy. I am sure it does for other people too. Plus... this blog is for you and your family record. You want your kids to know that your husband was an awesome! If someone is annoyed or sad because of that then it really is their own issue... not yours. As long as your heart is in the right place (which I am totally sure it is!) then that's all that matters. People will take it how they take it. And if they know you AT ALL... they won't take it the wrong way!

    1. Aw thanks Ashlee! That really does make me feel better. It's nice to hear an outside perspective on it, and I'm glad it doesn't come off that way. You're right though, as long as I'm coming from the right place then that's most important!
      It's also reassuring to know that you feel that way sometimes too ;) But I totally feel the same about you, I've never--not once--thought you sounded braggy and I adore your posts and your sweet little family! AND I'm so excited to hear more about that little angel of yours!

      Love you


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