January 25, 2014


You gotta know by now that this kid is a funny guy.

So lately I've been (secretly) writing down some of the stuff he says! (Sorry babe, I had to!)

Check it out:

  • One day, after "expressing" one of his not so pleasant habits, I looked at him in disgust. His response? "What's mine is yours, baby!"
  • "I'm taking the kids and leaving!" What he told me after I apparently snapped at him. 
  • "I gotta teach you who wears the pants in this house." After I was apparently being super bossy to him one night. 
  • "If I saw Kap in real life, I'd kiss him straight on the mouth!" His statement after Colin Kaepernick threw a beautiful touchdown pass. 
  • "You started it without me!" After he caught me watching Season 4 of Glee on Netflix. 
  • "Plus, I don't know why you need friends, I'm like, the coolest guy to hang with." After I told him I want to get out more and make some friends. 
  • Yesterday I asked him what we were doing for Friday night. He responded, "I don't know, streaking?"

This guy. You can never take him seriously. Even in very serious moments. He just finds ways to make me die with laughter constantly! 

If you don't find this entertaining, then that's okay--'cause I sure do! I think Cam's quotes deserve some publishing every now and again...

Not only do I find him quite hilarious, I think he's pretty thoughtful too. 

I never got a chance to talk about what he gave me for Christmas, but it was something close to that movie, "The Ultimate Gift". Here's how he explained it to me: 

The best part about these gifts were that he wrote me a sweet little note each day. Here's what he wrote me on that first night: 

"The first gift that you will receive tonight is the gift of transformation. Since you became a close friend in 2006, I have seen you transform from a girl to a woman. You have grown so much in the past few years in so many ways. This coming year I will help you to transform into the person you want to be in every aspect of life. I'm so proud of who you are and in the growth you continue to make."

When he got home, he presented a beautiful red dress! I loved it. Since it was much more "grown up" than my usual dresses (ya know, the ones with polka dots and ruffles), it represented the gift of transformation! 

Other gifts included the gift of balance, courage, love, laughter, etc. And each had a little item to go with it. Seriously, is he not the cutest?? I want to squeeze him so tight! 

One of my favorite ones was the gift of support. Of course, he had a beautiful note written out about how he'll always support all of my dreams and ambitions. But the gift he gave me with it was an awesome Nike sports bra. Once again, this man knows how to make me laugh! 

Welp, gotta go. He's downstairs and I just got this text from him (we are both still fascinated to live in a place that is spacious enough for us to send texts to each other):

Sheesh I'm in love with this boy. Stay tuned for future Cameron Quotes!

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