December 6, 2013

RIP Mr. Beard

The Ginger-Beard Man!

Well guys, he did it! A WHOLE month of beardness. Now, he's gone back to his baby face roots and eliminated the scruff. 

Gettin' after it!

But.. He did have a little fun in the process.. 

First, the handlebar.

Then. The dirty stache.

And, well, there's not much he could do after that.. He was gonna do the creeper stache but it was too hard. Could've done the Hitler too, but yeah.. We won't go there..

I don't know why I didn't get a pic once he was all done, but it was WEIRD. I got so used to the facial hair he looked so different! 

Cam says his face is cold now. (I think he secretly wants it back.) 

Any one else do NSN? Or their hubbies? 

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