December 14, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

As we were sitting down for breakfast this morning, Cameron went over and turned on the TV. "I want to put on Fire this morning."

"What's Fire?" I asked. I had never heard of that show.

He kept fiddling around with the remote and then took a moment to stop while we said prayer.

No really, what was Fire?

Well, turns out he meant exactly what he said because once he got it to work I looked over and saw this on the TV screen:

And.... We have fire! Makes me cozy just looking at it.

Let's see what else is keepin us warm this Christmas: 
(You know you can't get enough of my cheesiness)

We went to the Forgotten Carols! If you haven't seen it yet.. oh boy, you gotta do it. SO good. We've been wanting to go, but thanks to the recommendation of my co-worker we got tickets!

Our neighbors--who we've actually not officially met yet--brought us this the other night. I just thought that was so thoughtful and sweet of them!

We also enjoyed my work party this past Friday! I'll have to scan in that pic sometime.. Too good.

In other news, Cam is so close to graduating. SO close. Like, 3 days close. Prayers would be much appreciated as he heads into finals this week.

Hope you all are having a comfy, cozy holiday season so far!

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