December 29, 2013


My True Love Gave to Me

So, I know Christmas is over, but this post has been sitting around so I figured I'd publish it and share. Who knows, maybe someone out there might want to do it for their sugar next year. Or for Valentine's Day!

Honestly, I have no clue what this whole "12 Days of Christmas" thing is that couples do. BUT... whatever I think it is, I think it's pretty darn cute.

Cam and I did this for each other last year and it was really fun and sweet. This year, we didn't have plans of doing it since we wanted to make this a "giftless" Christmas--seeing that we bought our house and all--but I still wanted to surprise him with a little somethin' somethin'. 

However, all of the gifts I could think of were the exact same ones I got him last year! I mean, what else could I give him on the twelfth day of Christmas besides 12 Golden Oreos? (His fav.)

Feeling very uncreative, I decided that I needed to think of a theme or something to get my juices flowing. So this year, I made the 12 days all about LOVE and ROMANCE. I figured, what better gift to give my sweetheart than to express how much I love and appreciate him? Well, he might feel differently, but I thought it would help bring us closer during this Christmas season.

(And seriously, I found most of this stuff at the dollar store and the travel shelf at Wal Mart. So if you're looking for ideas but are worried it will be too much, you can totally do this in a very inexpensive manner!)

Here's what I did for each day:

Day 1: Mistletoe

Mistletoe is Christmassy and romantic right? I figured, I could throw myself in with the deal ;) Here's what he came home to on the First Day: 
So I posted this picture on Facebook since it was the same night we got dressed up for our my work holiday party. But the mistletoe was included in this pic as well! (P.S. That's so not mistletoe. It was the best I could do!)
Day 2: A Breakfast for Two

Biscuits and gravy is Cam's favorite favorite! Okay, so he caught me before I actually made it, so he helped by making the gravy. Good thing too because I would have DESTROYED it. Turned out to be a fun, Saturday morning with just us cooking together!
Day 3: Shhh... it's a secret! 

A secret between married people!

Hint: this little bag contained three articles of clothing ;) 


Day 4: Massage Items

So on this day I gave him three massage coupons (given by his wifey) and one little bottle of massage oil. Yeah, I'm really not that fancy because I've had that massage oil for years! It's just never really been used. So basically, I just paid a buck for this pretty little gold box! I thought it was a Sa-WEET deal! And he said he loved it, so that made me happy inside. 

Day 5: Bath Essentials

I had fun putting this guy together. Basically, it's just all the little fun stuff for a nice, relaxing bath! 

Yeah, I wasn't really sure what to call this little group of yummies, but most of them were fragranced so I went with it!
Day 6: Also a secret ;)

Maybe I should've thought these through before I posted...?

Came in a pretty box though!

Day 7: Muffins

Ugh.. I almost don't want to talk about this one. Super last minute. I felt so lame because I didn't think it really applied to the theme here.

BUT. The response was all worth it!

Then I thought.. hey, I did bake these with love! It works people. 

Day 8: Roses

So this one I also was really unsure of, but I love flowers in our house and roses are romantic.

Day 9: Love Notes

I was originally going to just write some simple love notes and place them in different areas of the house where he could find them, but I saw these little cuties and decided to put a little holiday twist on them by wrapping them around the candy canes. 

Day 10: 10 Things I Hate About You and popcorn!

So we're not really big into movie buying (unless it's a Disney classic--you know, for our future kiddos), but I LOVE this movie and it fit along perfect with the theme and number here. Yay movie night!

Day 11: Chocolates 

I don't regret this one AT ALL because I got to share with/steal from him!

Day 12: Back Scratch Coupons

Kind of a lamo last gift. Mostly because I love giving him back scratches anyway. But I felt like it was sentimental. 

And there you have it! I'll have to make another post to tell you guys what he surprised me with because it sure tops my scratch paper and last minute baking disasters!

Though we did fall into the hustle and bustle that this season brings, Cameron and I tried extra hard to make this time centered on Christ. Though I'm sure we can always do better, we were certainly spiritually fed and hope to bring that spirit into the new year as we strive to make room for Him each and every day. 

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