November 5, 2013

The Conversation Continues

What's up with my last post?

I'm not sure.. but those pictures are looking preeettty rough! I looked back at them just now and winced. Yep, I was really forcing it. I hope you could at least see the rooms somewhat! 

And Halloween... that was dandy! But we were definitely not prepared for the many childrens and childrens that came to us! You know how we had all of that candy in the cauldron? Yeah. Gone in 45 mins. I guess we don't know how to prepare for hungry kiddos in a neighborhood. But we sure do now. You bet we were those people who turn off all of their lights and wait for a gap between groups of kids to make our escape to our car.......

Once we got away from the treat-feasters,  we went to visit these cuties: 

We LOVE our nephews! (I hope you don't mind, Marli!)

Then we watched a movie with Marli and Tyler at their house. We had a good night! The next night (Nov 1st), we went to the Evermore Pumpkin Fest in Lindon. Which was awesome by the way--I highly recommend it if you've never been (it was my first time). It's pretty much mini Disney status. They had a sunken ship, mermaid, haunted house, tons of pumpkin carvings, fortune telling, and much more. And you know what? It's all free! Well, they encourage at least a five dollar donation, which goes towards supporting the Utah Food Bank during the holiday season--which is the best part! 

Oh! And here's an update on our gym wall, we finally got the "Just Do It" vinyl up! We LOVE it. Yes, we stare at it every time we go downstairs. Now we just need to use this room like three times a day and drill that saying into our heads. (: 

And what do you think of my new blog layout? I like it, but I still want to add a few more links at the top and make it a little more readable.

More on our home sweet home

Here's more pics on the rest of the house!

Master Bedroom:  

Guest bedroom:
This pic is fabulously blurry as well! I reek of photographic talent.

 Extra Bedroom:
The princess room. The owners before us had a baby girl and painted the walls pink and gray and added a chandelier! It's cute. If we have a baby girl first down the road, she will already have a room for her. If we have a baby boy first, well, I guess he will just have a pretty room to dwell in.

Laundry Room: 

Okay, yeah, this room is HUGE. The lady that lived here before had her salon set up down here. I'd like to get some tables and possibly some shelving for linens eventually.

Basement/Theater room: 
I call it Cam's Mancave. Def the place to be at our house. Our couch is so soft. I've slept down there all night at least five times already! We love our ping pong table too. We just started learning how to play. We are both terrible at it. But we can both stink at it together so it's awesome!

Well, that's pretty much it! I can show you pictures of our bathrooms, but there's not much to them. Our master bathroom is SO tiny, but it does the job! 

Hope you enjoyed it. I can't believe it's November! Such an exciting time and much more posting to come!

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