November 20, 2013

Sweet Nothings

Cam and I can sometimes be a little.. Well, brutally honest with each other. Actually it's pretty much all the time.

The other night Cam practically told me that my breath reeked.  

My response was, "Uh!" Then I told him he was mean

Cam was like, "What? We're married. I feel like we can be transparent with each other." 

Haha. He had a point there.

"You're right," I said. "I deserved that," remembering that I totally cupped my hand over his mouth the other day when I couldn't take his morning breath. 

Okay, and I have this really bad habit of "chomping" my food. I keep my mouth closed, but apparently I chomp so loudly you can hear it outside my mouth! I often forget about this very etiquette detail about myself--even in public or during big family dinners! It's seriously bad, guys. 

Anyway, Cam doesn't even say anything to me about this anymore. He just chomps loudly right back to me! When I finally figure out what he's doing, I stop chewing and I'm like, "Oh wow, sorry!" Then I giggle. It's really not that funny. I think I've gotten a few looks from co-workers during lunch time before..

Even though he might let me know that my hairy legs are repulsive and I may or may not tell him that his dirty socks stuffed in the corner of our sheets make me want to bang my head against the wall, we love each other to death! And honestly? We just laugh. Laughter is so much better than getting angry about silly little things!

Oh to joys of married life.

He still loves me even though I'm hideous when he gets home!

This one sounds bad, but we just like to poke fun--no biggie!
All joking aside, I gotta put a lovey-dovey one up! So true--he's my very best friend and makes me the happiest girl alive!

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