October 27, 2013

I left my heart in San Francisco

Though it was fun looking at all of these pics again, this post was a chore. I sure hope there's at least one person who enjoys it!

Small & Simple Moments

Before I talk about our trip, I want to first quickly mention a few small and tender moments we've had since moving out here. 

1) We were asked to speak in church our third week in. Call me crazy, but I think that is a blessing! I am terrified to get up and talk, but it's always a really good learning experience for us. Plus.. we won't have to "stress" about it for a while...
2) Someone came up to us and said they knew where Ramah, New Mexico was. WHAT? Anyone who knows where that is outside of the area is a gem. 
3) After I gave my talk and Sacrament meeting was over, this young girl came up to me. She thanked me for my talk and said she had a friend who was struggling with the same thing and now she knows exactly what to do. That filled my heart with joy. What a cool experience to be a tool for Heavenly Father in that moment. So even though I thought I sounded crazy up there, someone needed to hear it.

Just from these small experiences and more, I know we were meant to be here.

Go Niners!

So. As I mentioned in my last post, we have been planning this trip forever. Well, I've only been planning it (meaning, thinking about it while Cam makes the arrangements) since last year. Cam, I'm 1000% sure, has been dreaming about it since he was a wee little boy...

Oh. My. Gosh. 

I found that pic pretty quickly in Cam's senior memory book (he's probably like wow, my nosy wife). But I probably spent like a good 20 minutes just relishing in his baby pictures. I. Want. To. Die. 

Okay, back to the trip. The main purpose for the trip was to obviously see a Niners game since this is their last year playing at Candlestick. But, we figured we would take a couple of days off and see the city as well since neither of us have been there. We also wanted to take a trip with Justin and Jillian--Cam's bro and his wife. AND we heard fall is AMAZING over there. It was. It did not disappoint. 

Moose did some researching and decided that we would rent out an apartment for the weekend instead of staying in a hotel. It would be much, much less expensive and we would be right downtown where we could have easy access to public transportation. 

Well, I wasn't having this when we were locked out of the apartment the moment we arrived. I was giving Cam that look. But the owners of the apartment were super nice and they came to our rescue right away. Poor Cam. Sorry babe, you're the best trip planner ever. We are totally and completely just a couple of kids who were just going on a crazy adventure--not really sure what to expect!

Plus, they had the most adorable cat and we got to snuggle with her all weekend! 

Lily. She looks totally scary in this picture, but she was a sweetheart!

Plus, we stayed like two steps from this place. WIN!

The first day we got in, we decided to walk to the place to get our bus passes. It was over three miles away. It felt like forever! Especially in the city since you have to stop constantly for lights. And those hills in San Fran. MAN. My calves were happy. Anyway, it was sweet because we got to go on a mini tour of the city!

Beautiful views!

Once we arrived there, we picked up the tickets for the rest of our excursions. Unfortunately, because of the government shutdown, we were not allowed see Alcatraz. We had already planned this excursion and found out about the shutdown a few days prior. We were bummed. That's the place we wanted to go to most. They let us pick two other excursions in place of it. So we picked a boat ride (that circles around Alcatraz--we found a way to get as close as we could!) and the Ripley's Believe it or not museum. Both were SO fun. 

We learned SO much history while we were there. It's such a unique and very friendly city. We loved every moment! 

Here are the pictures, I'll try to put them in order and write captions!

Day 1: First City Tour

Cam was stoked about all of the 49ers signs, gear, and people sporting hats and t-shirts everywhere!

Day 1: California Academy of Sciences

Outside of the museum by a lovely fountain!
Our friend, Lemondrop.
White Alligator 
Camo's favorite!

Day 2: Second City Tour/Chinatown/Pier 39

Painted Ladies.
Good luck.

Alcatraz. A boat. A seagull. View from Pier 39

Oh the sea lions.
We are tourists. We don't care.
NFL Shop at Pier 39
So many to choose from!

Day 2: Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum & Ghirardelli Square 

My Moose and.. a moose!

Somebody got really creative with these ants...
World's tallest man
Biggest sea lion
I think she had the biggest lips?

We got some yummy Ghirardelli ice cream here!

Day 2: Night tour of the city

Bay Bridge!

Painted Ladies and city at night
Can't really see this one well, but Cam wanted one in front of the Nike store! Pretty sweet mannequins.

Day 3: Boat Ride, Nike Store, & Haunted House (w/ Justin & Jillian)

Boarding the boat!

Getting ready to launch!
Golden Gate Bridge

As close as we were able to get!
More of Alcatraz. We wishing we could go inside, but glad we got to see it sort of up close!

Side stop: Sunglass shop. 
This was too good. Justin's face! I'm rolling!

Day 4: Bike Ride Tour 

(okay, it was actually kinda strenuous--Conquered a few steep hills!)

Day 4: And of course, the BIG GAME!

So excited!!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Felt sorry for all the Texan fans in town. PS. We sat right in front of the loudest Texan fans on earth (well, they stopped after a while...)

Well, there ya have it folks. As you can see, we went to just a few places... just a few. 

We like to stretch ourselves pretty thin when we travel I guess. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. though! Definitely one we'll remember forever. Such a cool city. But we are definitely happy to be back home with all the memories!

And. Congrats to you for bearing through this annoyingly looong post. 

Night! xoxo

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