October 13, 2013

Birthday Bananas!

Side note: I'm so untalented at blogging...

How do moms do it? I mean, busy moms who've got so much going on in their lives and their kids' lives. Yet, they are super-bloggers/super-moms/super-awesome. I'm so envious. Seriously. But it's cool, because I get to read them! But.. for my stuffs.. I'm gonna catch up and get better! And it's not like people are waiting on my next post anyway--ha! 

I could make up an excuse and say we've been crazy busy working on the house and traveling and such, but that's not completely true. I had some time at night where I could blog, but I was just DEAD and UNINSPIRED (I guess I have a few more excuses in there...).

Okay, to the point. Here it is: 

Keri & Cam's Birthdays!

Yay! Our b-days are a week apart so we usually celebrate them together. This year, we decided to take a trip to San Francisco. I know, pretty rough timing with us buying a house. But we've been planning this trip long before we even thought about getting a house... in fact, we started talking about it last year. 

Anyway, I'm gonna have to write a whole other post about that one because, as usual, I took 2 billion pictures and I always want to show ALL OF THEM--so I gotta pick a few that are not blurry. But we didn't go to San Fran until after Cam's birthday, so the day of our birthdays we just did little things to make the day special for each other. 

Mine was first. I woke up that morning and Cameron was already awake and he came and gave me a sweet kiss and told me "Happy birthday, my love." You know I was workin' it with my morning breath and naked (no makeup) face. It was a great start to a wonderful day!

As I got ready for work, Cam (and his sneaky, sneaky-ness) was cooking me breakfast! I came out and saw this: 

If any of you have watched the show Breaking Bad, you know why this is awesome! We're big fans of the show, so I died when I saw this! And yes.. now you know (those of you who were unsure) how old I am and that I'm an infant still. Sometimes I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. Other times--a lot of times actually--I feel like I'm getting younger. People ask me how old I am and when I tell them their reaction goes something like: "Aw, how cute! You're only twenty-three?"  I'm a baby. 

Anyway, he also gave me a monkey card and put up a ton of sticky notes on the wall with sweet letters on them: 

How can you not appreciate something so captivating?

He is SO sweet to me. Notes and letters are my favorite thing from him (in addition to his awesome hugs)--and I could not ask for a better gift! I'm pretty smitten over this guy, what can I say? 

I then came to work and found my desk like this: 

My co-workers. Seriously. So awesome.

We had a great day at work too. It was "Team Building" day so we got to do some fun activities.

I came home and worked on the house some more while I waited for Cam to get off class. Once he got home, we drove to Murry (I think it's in Murry?) to the Cheesecake Factory. There's really nothing else I can say about that except for YUH-HA-HA-HUM!

Just look at that guy. I think I'll keep him ;) 

It was the cherry on top of a lovely day. 

A week later, we had Cameron's birthday. I say it a lot, but I'll say it once more... I love Cameron's birthday. It's my favorite day, because if it weren't for this day, I would not have him. So it's pretty darn special. So all of you who are gagging at my cheesyness, just embrace it!

Before Cam woke up that day, I laid out little red paper hearts starting from the bedroom to the kitchen (like a trail). I wrote a little memory on each heart. I didn't get a picture of this, because I was doing it in the dark and trying to be quiet. Anyway, I felt this was super lame and not creative, but Cam thought it was cute. The end of the "heart trail" he found some breakfast and all of his favorite treats that he could take to work with him and snack on all day.  

Throughout the day, I kept sending him little texts. I try to do this every year and send him notes about things I love about him--and I'll number them from one to however old he is that year. So this year I wrote "26 things I love about Cam". Here's a few that I sent to him: 

Now you are drowning in cheesyness (:

After he got done with work and class and I got home from work, we went to Tucanos for dinner (since he had his free birthday meal there--side note: when we moved I made sure to change our address on our Tucanos Birthday Club first thing. Insurance and bills came second, of course). 

I'm bummed because I didn't get a pic of us there :( So basically I failed at pictures on his birthday. But we did have funzo. We went home and snuggled and watched a movie. I thought I could have made his day more special, but he said he enjoyed it very much, so that made me happy!

Okay, on the list next is San Francisco and then more on the house. Quick update on the house: we had a little housewarming and it was great. It's pretty much been project after project, but we are loving it! It's so fun to paint walls turquoise if you want! 

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