August 21, 2013

Pillow Talks

& Late night convos 

"What do you do when you're alone?"

Cam asked me this as we were crawling into bed the other night. We were both feeling kinda deathly from exhaustion. 

I was so out of it, I don't even remember what I responded. Or maybe I was just confused because do I really act any different when I'm by myself than just with him? 

"I mean, totally and completely alone..?" 

Now I heard him. "Well," I said. "I like to dance around and belt out in song. I talk to myself out loud, and I usually act out imaginary encounters with people!" I am so non-confrontational that the thought of approaching someone with an issue never ceases to fascinate me! 

Cameron just giggled. I think that I asked him what he does when he's "totally and completely alone" after that, but dang it I don't remember what he said! I like to think that he dances around when he's alone too ;) 

We have the funniest conversations when we're tired. Cam says I talk jibberish sometimes. If we have family prayer late, then odds are that prayer is not going to make much sense. Be we understand each other, we speak the same "sleepy" language <3 It's true love I tell ya!

I always love our pillow talks though. We've had some of the best conversations just laying there in bed. We're gonna come up with some awesome idea to change the world there.. I can feel it!

Anyway, I'm sure lots of you have fun pillow talks. Any you care to share? 

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